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The Wales Echo lays blame on BSP

New 'Loving Animals' remix

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Check out this great ‘Loving Animals’ remix – courtesy of Tom Whites brand new group ‘The Fiction Aisle’

Summer Festivals & Concerts

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DERBY THE VENUE 12 July 2013








KENWOOD HOUSE (supporting Suede) 23 August 2013


LEEDS FESTIVAL 25 August 2013


From The Sea To The Land Beyond

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The DVD of ‘From The Sea To The Land Beyond’ will be released by the BFI on January 21st 2013.

We’ll be playing the score live for the 4th time in Brighton, at the Duke of Yorks Cinema on 16th November.
Tickets Available from SeeTickets at £16.50 + booking fee.

You can Pre-Order the DVD from Amazon.


Kristmas Krankenhaus

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Xmas Krank


31 July 2012by British Sea Power Comment (0)

Krankenhaus goes to Manchester this Friday at the Ruby Lounge
Friday 3rd August

19.30 DOORS
20.45 – TOY (live)
22.15 – BSP (live)
00.00 – MIK ARTISTIC (live)
01.00 – DUTCH UNCLES DJ SET (Duncan)
02.30 CLOSE

All Night Communist TABLE TENNIS

Krankenhaus 5

26 April 2012by British Sea Power Comment (0)

Krankenhaus 5
Friday 4 May
The Haunt, 10 Pool Valley, Brighton BN1 1NJ

*BSP live, playing the Open Season album, plus bonus features.

*The Pictish Trail live

  • New Rough Trade signings ‘Palma Violets’ live

*DJ Simon Price and DJs John and Jehn.

*Further attractions TBC, plus ice treats, prizes and mass consensual table tennis.

Tickets for Krankenhaus 5 are available from Brighton‚s Resident and Rounder record shops and on-line from We Got Tickets:

'Out of the Present' Film Soundtrack

15 March 2012by British Sea Power Comment [71] (71)

We’ve been commissioned to write a soundtrack for the 1999 Romanian documentary “Out of the Present” for the Cineglobe Fillm Festival.

It has been written and recorded by the band over the last few months and will be aired for the first time on 29th March 2012 at CERN in Geneva.

Yan and Noble will be heading out to the Cineglobe Film Festival to accompany the soundtrack dressed accordingly for space travel.

Thursday 29 March
Cineglobe Film Festival CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

FILM ‘Out of the Present’
Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev is the focus of this documentary chronicle of life on the Russian space station Mir, for 10 months in 1991 and 1992 Mir. While he carries out routine day-to-day activities of eating, exercising, and conducting experiments in weightlessness, he is also a bystander to the collapse of the Soviet Union happening on earth below…
Commissioned by the 2012 Cineglobe International Film Festival at the CERN Laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, British Sea Power will premiere a powerful new soundtrack accompanied live by Scott Wilkinson and Martin Noble of British Sea Power in the CERN Globe of Science and Innovation, in association with Branchage Soundtracks.
Please note, this will not be full live band performance.

Formed in 2000, British Sea Power have built a reputation of both being a blistering live band with a Mercury nomination for their 2007 release Do You Like Rock Music? alongside championing alternative performances in unusual locations from seaforts to caverns to village halls. In 2008 they were commissioned by the British Film Institute to create a new soundtrack to the 1934 silent documentary Man of Aran, which they’ve toured extensively to music and film festivals, including the Branchage Jersey Film Festival in 2009.
Out of the Present is a new challenge for the band, with the film firmly rooted in the futuristic world of space travel mixed with the historical aspects of the Cold War and the fall of Communism. In bringing this to the very location which is at the forefront of science and technology, here at CERN, we can expect a completely new experience in sound and vision from this exciting band

Krankenhaus 4 & BSP EP3

14 March 2012by British Sea Power Comment [60] (60)

Krankenhaus 4
Friday 6 April
The Haunt, 10 Pool Valley, Brighton BN1 1NJ

*British Sea Power playing The Decline Of BSP in its entirety, inc. Eamon
direct from America.

*Purson and Y Niwl playing live.

*DJ Marc Riley of 6Music and DJ Jim ‘Sonic’ Smith of Brighton’s Born Bad.

*Plus special guests

Tickets from Brighton’s Resident and Rounder record shops and on-line from
We Got Tickets:

C’MON! This is what the people reckoned to Krankenhaus 3:

Ronan Linskey: “After almost ten years of going to their gigs, BSP shows
are still the most thrilling, wonderful things. Incredible last night!”

Rhian Evans: “Krankenhaus 3: top night. Where else can you dance on-stage
dressed as a red panda wearing a helmet, dishing out ice lollies?”


The third limited-edition BSP demo CD, ‘BSP3’, is now available from the
BSP on-line-shop:

The first and second demo CDs are now SOLD OUT so step sharp for this
amazing reap-n-keep collection… The BSP shop is also bursting with other
goods, egs Yan’s hand-finished hoodie-raptor print and – NEW IN! – the
official and limited knock-off copies of the good old Mk2 mug

Red-Tailed Hawk in a Hoodie

Krankenhaus 4

3 March 2012by British Sea Power Comment [63] (63)

Red-Tailed Hawk in a Hoodie

Krankenhaus 3 picture round answers

3 March 2012by British Sea Power Comment [60] (60)

We forgot to announce the winner of the picture round quiz.
The winner got 15 correct, but the name of the winner is currently unknown.

1) James Brown
2) Julie Christie
3) Jimmy/Jeanette Krankie
4) Isabella Blow
5) Souisie Soux
6) George Orwell
7) Jessica Ennis
8) Jon Pertwee
9) Bo Diddley
10) Pine Marten
11) Jarvis Cocker
12) Joe Meek
13) Alex Hurricane Higgins
14) Eva Crane
15) Rick Stein
16) David Hockney
17) Brian Clough
18) Captain Birdseye / John Hewer
19) Romy Schneider
20) John Betjeman

WINNERS - Animals in Headgear

28 February 2012by British Sea Power Comment [60] (60)

We can announce the five winners from the recent Official Ongoing BSP Fauna/Fedora Goosefair competition.

The idea was to come up with a truly amazing suggestion for the animal/hat combos as featured on the sleeves of the BSP demo EP series.

The Winners are:

smallshrew53 – pine marten in a Pickelhaube
Rachel Allen – sheep in a scrum cap
Tristan – bison in a mitre
Ade Dodds – okapi in a kepi 
Rake – pike in a kinky leather cap and chain

The winners will be contacted to arrange for transmission of prizes – five signed copies of the ‘BSP1’ EP.


27 February 2012by British Sea Power Comment [64] (64)

We’ve been through all the animals in headgear suggestions and with great difficulty have made a shortlist. All entries have been a real delight.
The winners will be announced in the next BSP Newsletter


Michael Baggs – Stoat in a Pickelhaube

Nathan Bayliss – Ortolan Bunting in Balaclava

Scotttish Wildcat in a Chullo – Stuart Addison

Chris Gallagher @Chris_g_anity – a mallard in a ushanka

Neil @neilmorrell – A ferret in a beret.

Vyse @vyseofhr – A mongoose in a Jimmy Hat.

Becky Harrington @Beckyharry – an otter in a land girl’s head scarf.

Craig Collins @Always_the_sea – Grey seal/Phrygian cap.

Davo @Davomanic – A wild boar wearing a busby.

Derrin @AlohaTambourini – An otter in a Tam o’Shanter.

Fraser MacInnes @MacFrazz – How about a pine marten in one of those beer can holding helmets?

Rachel Allen @rachicles – A sheep in a scrum cap.

Rachel Allen @rachicles – A rat in a train-drivers cap.

Beth Louise Coleman @StackingCats – narwhal in an aviator hat (complementary horn hole naturally).

Andrew Harrison @Nndroid – Capybara in a Homburg.

Tristan @tristanjt – How about a bison in a mitre?

幸/yuki @yykkhhtt – how about a crane in kasa.

Ade Dodds @bixspiderthrust – Okapi in a Kepi.

FROM THE BSP FORUM – ‘A Strange Communication’
Rake – I’d like to see a Pike in a kinky leather cap and chain

It Come Back Again – A Walrus in a Glangarry

smallshrew53 – A Pine Marten wearing a Pickelhaube

montagne – A Mole in an Alpinist hat

Krankenhaus 3

16 February 2012by British Sea Power Comment [87] (87)

British Sea Power present… Krankenhaus 3

Line up:
British Sea Power set 1 – 100% Hamilton songs
Jock Scot & BSP
Thomas White (with 6 piece choir)
British Sea Power set 2 – Valhalla Dancehall & songs from Zeus EP
Bo Ningen

DJ – Simon Price (Stay Beautiful, The Independent)
DJs – Luke Turner and Jon Doran (The Quietus / NME)
DJs – Old Sarge, SAS Dirtyman and Girl Brutus

Buy tickets

£12.50 in advance
£4 after 11.30pm

Exciting news for lovers of excelsior seaside nightlife! The band which brought you the legend of Club Sea Power are again active on the Brighton party scene. From Friday 6 January, BSP will present their Krankenhaus night in Brighton – a regular club night on the first Friday of every month for 6 months. Each night will feature a full set from BSP, plus wonderful and varied supporting attractions.

BSP are taking a rest from the road, and these Krankenhaus nights represent a rare opportunity to see BSP live in 2012.
The band will play in various configurations and styles, from blasting full-on sets to filmic instrumental excursions, rare B-sides sets, to playing albums in their entirety.

Badger in Miners Helmet

Krankenhaus 2 - Running Order

29 January 2012by British Sea Power Comment [114] (114)

British Sea Power present… Krankenhaus 2 @ The Haunt, Brighton


Doors 7.30pm

7.50pm – Jock Scott introduces

20.00 – 20.25 – Brighton and Hove City Brass + Friends

20.30 – 20.50 – Jock Scott & BSP

21.10 – 21.40 – Race Horses

22.10 – 23.30 – British Sea Power (rare performance as original 4-piece)

23.45 -00.15 Shaun Keaveny – ‘Middle Aged Shout Outs’ & DJ

00.30 – 01.00 Queer as Queen (Queen covers band from Japan)

01.00 – 01.30 Shaun Keaveny DJ

01.30 – 03.00 Steve Sexton DJ

Tickets for Krankenhaus 2 are available online at Wegottickets

Tickets on sale from Rounder Records, and Resident Records in Brighton.

Brand New EP - 'BSP1'

11 January 2012by British Sea Power Comment [115] (115)

As well as our monthly ‘Krankenhaus’ club nights we will be releasing a limited edition EP each month.

Each EP will feature demos of brand new songs and experimental material.

The EPs will be available only at the ‘Krankenhaus’ club nights, and the BSP online shop.

The first EP, titled ‘BSP1’, brings a spectral, wintry mood.

1) French Pornographic Novel
2) Lullaby For What You Are
3) Baby Grey
4) A Light Above Descending
5) Fiery

Listen to ‘A Light Above Descending” on the BSP player


Krankenhaus 1

23 November 2011by British Sea Power Comment [164] (164)

British Sea Power present… Krankenhaus

Exciting news for lovers of excelsior seaside nightlife. The band which
brought you the legend of Club Sea Power are now again active on the
Brighton party scene. From Friday 6 January, BSP will present their
Krankenhaus night in Brighton – a regular club night on the first Friday of
every month. Each night will feature a full set from BSP, plus wonderful
and varied supporting attractions.

Krankenhaus 1 – Friday 6 January
Featuring 2 live sets from British Sea Power
7.30pm to 3am.
The Haunt, 10 Pool Valley (by the coach station), Brighton BN1 1NJ

Doors 7.30pm

8.20-8.45pm – BSP Acoustic
8.45-9pm – BSP + Jock Scot
9.20pm-9.50pm – Y Niwl
10.20-11.30 – BSP (including Krankenhaus EP in full)

DJ sets:
11.45-12.45 – The Go Team (Sam Dook)
12.45-13.45 – Born Bad(Jon Slade)
13.45-3am – BSP DJs.

Thereafter, Krankenhaus will run on the first Friday of the month, from
7.30pm to 3am.

Tickets £12.50 in advance.
£60 Season Tickets are now sold out.

£4 Club Night (11.30pm-3am, pay on the door)
After British Sea Power finish their main set at Krankenhaus, entrance will
be £4, giving access to the zeit-time from 11.30pm to 3am, featuring DJs
and, who knows, perhaps more live music.

Tickets available from Rounder Records and Resident Records in Brighton,
and from
Buy tickets.

BSP will be accompanying each Krankenhaus nights with a limited-edition CD
of new and experimental material. The CDs will be available only at the
club nights and via the band’s on-line shop.

The first EP ‘BSP1’ is a lovely, understated, wintery selection.
1) French Pornogrphic Novel
2) Lullaby For What You Are
3) Baby Grey
4) A Light Above Descending
5) Fiery

The Krankenhaus nights are scheduled to include, among other things, Brighton & Hove City Brass, Bo Ningen and the bonnie bastirt poetry of the great Jock Scot.
Scheduled Krankenhaus DJs include Marc Riley, Geoff Travis, Shaun Keaveny,
SAS Dirtyman and the revered celto-Vorticist princeling Simon Price.

After spending much of 2011 touring, BSP are now taking a rest from the
road. The Krankenhaus nights will give a rare opportunity to see BSP live
in 2012. The band will play in various configurations and styles, from
blasting full-on sets to filmic instrumental excursions – plus B-sides sets
and albums played in their entirety. Inevitably, sooner or later, there
will be a humane installation with cats listening to Mastodon in wheelie

Georgie Ray CD & Remixes EP

27 September 2011by British Sea Power Comment [337] (337)

New Golden Chariot releases
Georgie Ray CD & Remixes EP

A physical release of the re recorded and improved “Georgie Ray” will be available from Oct 1st. It will be available on tour, and from the BSP shop after the European tour.
Excitingly, there will also be a follow up to the Green ‘Alternative Versions and Demos’ CD. This one is red, its different. It contains remixes!
It contains mostly remixes of Valhalla Dancehall tracks, but features 2 bonus tracks. ‘A Lovely Day Tomorrow’ remixed by Jan of ‘The Ecstasy of St Theresa’, and ‘Water Tower’ featured previously as the soundtrack to the ‘Water Tower DVD’ from the ‘Krankenhaus EP’

Both CDs will be on the Golden Chariot imprint.


1) Mongk Extender (Hamilton Remix)
2) Living Is So Easy (More Than Numbers Remix)
3) A Lovely Day Tomorrow (Ecstasy of St Theresa Remix)
4) Once More Now (Hamilton Remix)
5) Cleaning Out The Rooms (Wandering Horn Remix)
6) Heavy Water (Noble Remix)
7) Water Tower
8) Retreat (Pressbutton Remix)
9) Living Is So Easy (Pressbutton Remix)

BSP Remixes


1) Georgie Ray (Version II)
2) Mongk II
3) Bear (Live)
4) Mongk On The Move

Georgie Ray

Canary Wharf Show - Apologies

8 September 2011by British Sea Power Comment [232] (232)

Due to the venue double booking, we have had to re-arrange this semi-acoustic performance planned for Nov 2 gig to Oct 21st

Tickets purchsed for Nov 2 still vaild for Oct 21st

This will be an early gig on stage about 8.15 pm, finished by 9.30 latest

Please contact the venue if you need any further information.

Pair of free tickets to Woolfstock on offer!

17 August 2011by British Sea Power Comment [226] (226)

Pair of free tickets to Woolfstock on offer!
Post ‘I Love British Sea Power’ on the Woolfstock Facebook page ( or send an email to with I Love British Sea Power in the subject line. Only one entry per person. The deadline is 19.30 on Friday 26 August. They will select a random winner from all entries.
Good luck.

Festival & Club Show Roundup

11 July 2011by British Sea Power Comment [239] (239)

Please see LIVE section on website ticket links & details

Festival – Latitide Festival, Suffolk – 16/7/11
Club Show – Exeter Pheonix Arts Centre – 22/7/11
Festival – Port Elliot Festival, Cornwall – 23/07/11
Club Show – Old Fire Station, Bournemouth – 24/7/11
Club Show – East Brunswick Club, Melbourne, Australia – 27/07/11
Club Show – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, Australia – 28/07/11
Festival – Splendour in the Grass, Queensland, Australia – 29/07/11
Festival – Fuji Rock Festival, Japan – 31/07/11
Club Show – Yu Gong Yi Shan, Beijing – 03/08/11
Festival – Ocean Midi Festival, Rizhao, China – 05/08/11
Festival – Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary – 12/08/11
Festival – Leefest, Bromley, Kent, UK – 13/08/11
Festival – Forest of Galtres Festival, York, UK – 26/08/11
Festival – Woolfstock Festival, Newbury, UK – 03/09/11

05/10/11 – Melkweg, Amsterdam
06/10/11 – Vera, Groningen
07/10/11 – Botanique, Brussels
09/10/11 – Luxor, Cologne
10/10/11 – Lido, Berlin
11/10/11 – 59:1, Munich
12/10/11 – Abart, Zurich


11 July 2011by British Sea Power Comment [205] (205)


BSP playing LeeFest

14 June 2011by British Sea Power Comment [171] (171)


Discount for Forest of Galtres Festival - York

13 June 2011by British Sea Power Comment [157] (157)

British Sea Power have announced they will be playing the Forest of Galtres Festival (York) over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

BSP fans can get up to £15 off their entry ticket by using the band’s unique discount code .
British Sea Power will headline the Friday night at Crayke, North Yorkshire.
Entry costs just £60* for a weekend ticket or £30* for the day.
A decent priced festival, in the setting of a wonderful hilltop arena overlooking the Vale and City of York, including a huge beer and cider festival.

  • use the discount code BSP-459 at checkout to get your discount – £3 off a day ticket, £5 off a weekend ticket and £15 off a family weekend ticket. Offer ends 30 June 2011. Festival runs Friday 26 – Sunday 28 August 2011
    See for more details and online ticket ordering.

The Festival has this to say:
BSP join 100 bands playing over three days on five stages, plus a huge beer and cider festival, a night cabaret, comedy tent, family fun, fabulous food and beautiful camping. The madcap ArtsBarge crew will be there in force, bringing you cabaret, theatre, music, wondrous wackiness, frills and frolics, and a good cup of tea too. Clay Fish will be contributing magic, drama, film-making and even a yo-yo workshop.
John Otway, The Charlatans, The Levellers, Chris Helme (Seahorses), The Men They Couldn’t Hang, Puressence, and Mostly Autumn are also on the billing.

'On Nature' 6th July, London

13 June 2011by British Sea Power Comment [120] (120)


Berwick Village Hall

10 May 2011by British Sea Power Comment [139] (139)

Below is a map locating Berwick Village Hall.
Please note that Berwick is split in two.
The southern part of Berwick where Berwick Village is (just south of the A27), and the northern part Berwick, which is where the train station and Village Hall are.

Berwick Village Hall is in the north part of Berwick, just 200m up the road North of the Train Station.

berwick, east sussex [city/town/village]

There will be a Walk on Saturday 14th
Berwick Village Hall
Sat 14th May, 4.15pm.

Weather permitting, Noble will be doing a short walk around Berwick/Selmeston/Chalvington for anyone wishing to stretch their legs.

It will be an easy going 5 mile round trip starting at Berwick Village Hall at 4.15pm, following the Vanguard Way, past Lower Mays Farmhouse where BSP recorded Valhalla Dancehall, stopping at the Yew Tree Inn in Chalvington midway for a refresher.
We will be back at Berwick Village Hall by doors 6.45pm


Berwick Walk

4 May 2011by British Sea Power Comment [131] (131)

Berwick Village Hall
Sat 14th May, 4.15pm.

Weather permitting, i’ll be doing a short walk around Berwick/Selmeston/Chalvington for anyone wishing to stretch their legs.

It will be an easy 5 mile round trip starting at Berwick Village Hall at 4.15pm (opposite Berwick station), following the Vanguard Way, past Lower Mays Farmhouse where we recorded Valhalla Dancehall, stopping at the Yew Tree Inn midway for a refresher.
We will be back at Berwick Village Hall by doors for the evening show.

For No One

27 April 2011by British Sea Power Comment [82] (82)

Filmed during our soundcheck at Lincoln Hall in Chicago

British Sea Power | FOR NO ONE from FOR NO ONE on Vimeo.

Matinee Show added to Berwick Village Hall shows

14 April 2011by British Sea Power Comment [132] (132)

*Matinee show added at Berwick Village Hall. *All the tips on weasels, gudgeon and Bo Peep Lane.

Tickets have now sold out for BSP’s two evening shows at Berwick Village
Hall in Sussex in May. Because of demand, the band have now added a
Saturday matinee show at 1pm.

British Sea Power
Matinee show
Saturday 14 May
Berwick Village Hall
14 Downsway, Berwick, East Sussex

Tickets are on sale from the Other Goods section at the BSP website:

Entry to over 14s.

NOTE: No stilettos at the venue, please. They have a new soft wooden floor
at the hall.

For anyone attending the evening shows, please note that it should be
possible to get trains after the show – heading toward both London and
Eastbourne. The BSP performances will finish by 10pm. Trains run regularly
to Berwick and the show finishes in time for people to get the last trains
back to London, Brighton etc. The train station is a five-minute walk to
the venue. There is a car park at the venue and also vehicles can park in
the lane which runs to the side of the village hall. Please park on the
right hand side verge with with wheels on the grass as the lane needs to be
kept accessible.

Two pubs in the area are highly recommended. The Cricketers Arms in
Berwick, about a mile from the village hall. And also the Rose Cottage,
about two miles away. The beer is also good at The Berwick Inn, close to
the village hall.

The Shopkeeper has compiled some useful information on accommodation and
sites in the area:

Bo Peep B&B
Rose cottage self catering flat
Dawes House B&B
Hall Court Farm
Ram Inn in Firle
Firle Vicarage B&B run by TV’s performing vicar Peter Owen Jones 01273
Alfriston YHA Youth Hostel:

The Yew Tree Inn, Chalvington – £10 per tent per night, no showers, 24-hour
outdoor toilet. Tel: 01323 870 590

Alfriston Camp site: … revid=5002

A drive up Bo Peep lane will put you on top of the Sussex Downs where you
can see see for a hundred miles across the Weald.

Local attractions:

Lullington Church aka The Smallest Church in Sussex

Local walks

Information on Berwick,_East_Sussex

Cuckmere Valley

Arlington Reservoir is a five-minute walk away and a great spot for a
picnic. Map of a walk around the reservoir http: /

Reservoir facts: 173 bird species, 21 butterfly species, birds include
great crested grebe, canada geese, kingfisher, nightingale and barn owl.
Weasels, foxes and fallow deer roam. Eels, rainbow trout and gudgeon
navigate the depths.

We look forward to seeing you there.


The Shopkeeper

Intimate Anniversary Show in Berwick, East Sussex 13th/14th May

11 April 2011by British Sea Power Comment [87] (87)

In May BSP will play two intimate shows to mark ten years since the release
of their debut single Fear Or Drowning. The shows will take place in the
village of Berwick, by the South Downs and close to the farmhouse in which
the band recorded most of the Valhalla Dancehall album.

Friday 13 May
Saturday 14 May
Berwick Village Hall
14 Downsway, Berwick, East Sussex

Tickets should be on sale from 2pm today, Monday 11 April.
Doors are at 6.30pm and the BSP set will finish by 10pm.
There is a licensed bar. Entry to over 14s.
Shows finish early at 10pm so that people can get trains back to London/Brighton after the show.
Last trains are: Friday 22:29 and on the Saturday 22:18

Tickets are £15 in very limited numbers from the British Sea Power shop in
the Other Goods department:

NOTE: No stilettos at the venue, please. They have a new soft wooden floor.

Celebrating 10 years of BSP
Local recommended accomodation

Bo Peep B&B
Rose cottage self catering flat
Dawes House B&B
Hall Court Farm
Ram Inn in Firle
Firle Vicarage B&B run by TV’s performing vicar Peter Owen Jones 01273 858057

The Yew Tree Inn, Chalvington
£10 tent night, no showers, 24 hour outdoor toilet
01323 870 590

Alfriston Camp site

Trains run regularly to Berwick and the show finishes in time for people to get the last trains back to London, Brighton etc
Train station is a 5 minute walk to the venue.
There is parking at the venue and also along vehicles can park to the side of the village hall in the lane on the right had side, please park with wheel on the grass as the lane needs to be kept accessible.

A drive up Bo Peep lane will put you on top of the Sussex Downs where you can see see for a hundred miles across the Weald.

Local attractions
Lullington Church (smallest church in sussex)

Local walks

Information on Berwick,_East_Sussex

Cuckmere Valley

Arlington Reservoir is a 5 minute walk away and a lovely place for a picnic. Map of a walk around the reservoir
Reservoir facts: 173 bird species, 21 butterfly species, birds include: great crested grebe, canada geese, kingfisher, nightingale and barn owl. Osprey use the reservoir as a feeding area. Weasels foxes and fallow deer roam. Eels, Rainbow Trout and Gudgeon frolic.
3,500 million litres of water equivalent to 11,665 million drinks cans, area of reservoir 49 hectares which is equivalent to 121 football pitches, length of dam wall is 1 km which is equivalent to 200 small vans and the depth is equivalent to 4 single decker buses.


4 April 2011by British Sea Power Comment [62] (62)

From the UK to the USA, taking in NYC and Toronto.
A flashcrack first week overseas.

Paul 'Tidy' Summers Chocolate Bar Reviews

3 April 2011by British Sea Power Comment [132] (132)

Paul ‘Tidy’ Summers is our guitar tech, driver, road warrior, and loyal friend.
He is from Briton Ferry, Wales. He is also a purple belt in Karate and likes Chocolate bars.

Paul pre chocolate abuse.

Here is his USA & Canadian round up so far.
We’ll add more to the top of the list as he eats them……

Latest chocolate review……

12) Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme.
I was recommended this one by the BSP tour support, A Classic Education. A Great band so check ‘em out (sic).
I liked this one before I even opened it as I like the use of apostrophes to abbreviate words, i.e. Goofin’, Truckin’ still Smokin’ etc.
The white chocolate was lovely and the dark biscuits were a real treat so cheers for the tip off A Classic Education!
A funning outstanding 10 out of 10!
12. Hersheys Cookies 'n' Creme.

11) Christophers Big Cherry
This was another very generous gift, bought for me by Nobby Martin. Ta mate.
I approached this one with caution but it ended up being pretty good.
Milk chocolate and nut coating, chocolate seemed to taste better with each bite.
A sugary filling covered a whole cherry in the middle which worked well.
A nice little treat, 7 out of 10.
11. Christophers Big Cherry.

10) Hundred Grand
Ok so now I am in double figures. I picked this up at a truck stop in the Arizona desert. The milk chocolate was lovely with some crispy bits in the chocolate.
The centre is chewy caramel giving the bar a very toffee crisp like flavour.
Think this is my favourite so far so a maximum 10 out of 10!
10, Hundred Grand.

9) Scharffen Berger Nibby.
This is another bar from the Lady in San Francisco.
I gave Nobby a bit of my Nibby and almost instantly regretted it as it was so good. Smooth dark chocolate with little bits of cacao nibs in.
I really enjoyed this one, a whopping 9 out of 10.
Nearly into double figures now, to be continued!!!!!!!
09 Scharfenburger Nibby.

8) Fleur de Sel, Dark Turtles.
Thanks to the lady in San Francisco who brought me a batch of chocolates in an Amoeba records carrier bag!
We shared these ones and they were a treat. Round chocolates with salt on top, hazelnut and toffee ( I think ) filling.
The salt works well with the sweetness, lovely dark chocolate also, 8 out of 10.
08, Dark Turtles.

7) Purdy’s
This is a special one, a gift from a Lady in Vancouver BC.
A smooth not to sweet dark chocolate, eaten after the show in Seattle, extra nice as it was a gift, 8 out of 10!
Been getting a few recommendations off fans so if you have a favourite let me know.

07, Purdy's dark chocolate.

6) Payday
Ok so I’ve had my eye on this one for a while also.
I was surprised when I opened it as there’s no chocolate, a bit like a Snickers that got away before they got the chocolate on!
So its caramel covered with salted peanuts. It’s savoury and sweet and it works well, funning outstanding in fact. 8/10.
They do a good range of hot chilli nuts over here, maybe Hersheys could do a limited edition Hot Nuts Pay Day, I would give it a go.
06. Hershey's Pay Day.

5) Reeses Fast Break
Drawn to it initially because of the peanut butter. Not disappointed. Choc not too sweet and the filling delicious. 9/10
5. Reeses Fast Break.-1

4) Almond Joy
Almond Joy – basically a Bounty with a big almond encased inside the chocolate on the top. Very, very moist and lovely. Any Bounty fans will be a big fan of this. 8/10
4, Almond Joy.

3) Baby Ruth US choc legend. Chewy, with peanuts. Similar to a Star Bar. 4g of protein. 40g fat. Generally thought to be named after baseball legend Babe Ruth, but may actually be a tribute to President Grover Cleveland’s daughter, Ruth Cleveland. Originally made by Curtiss Candy Company, now atcha from big bastards Nestlé. Tasty. 8/10.
2 Baby Ruth.

2) Butterfinger
Chocolate isn’t bad, ridiculously sweet and teeth stick together when you eat it. Least favourite so far. 5/10
3 Butterfinger.

1) 3 Muskateers
Three Musketeers bar – whipped-up fluffy stuff. Basically a Milky Way. Good name though. 7/10.
1 Three Musketeers.

Other Mentions
ROLO – Not the same as UK Rolos. Don’t like them as much. Pretty good though. 7/10

Twix Cookie Bar – Fatty, Sugary. Not sure. I’ll stick to the classic twix fingers. 6/10.

Mr Picnic – Amazing. A new concept in savoury chocolate. Basically a Mars Bar, but salty instead of sugary and with 1cm cubes of beef jerky throughout. Fucking disgusting. 0/10.

I’m having a real fun time eating these chocolate bars, and as you can see there has been no real health issues so far.
Anybody who says you can’t eat as much chocolate as you like without putting weight on is a complete liar.


USA & Canada Tour Posters

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A sample of USA & Canadian Tour Posters






(That’s Julia from A Classic Education)

Seattle Instore

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'BABY' Video

29 March 2011by British Sea Power Comment [99] (99)

Here’s a video of British Sea Power in Mt Zion National Park, Utah on tour in the USA way back in time, all the way back to 2005.
Filmed on Super 8 in mountain mist.

Features Eamon ‘King Gypo’ Hamilton (Ex-BSP and singer of BRAKES)

The soundtrack is a new song ‘BABY’ from ‘VALHALLA DANCEHALL

'BABY' Video

29 March 2011by British Sea Power Comment [120] (120)

Here’s a video of British Sea Power in Mt Zion National Park, Utah on tour in the USA way back in time, all the way back to 2005.
Filmed on Super 8 in mountain mist.

Features Eamon ‘King Gypo’ Hamilton (Ex-BSP and singer of BRAKES)

The soundtrack is a new song ‘BABY’ from ‘VALHALLA DANCEHALL

Camden Crawl

25 March 2011by British Sea Power Comment [101] (101)

Black Box Session - Once More Now

6 March 2011by British Sea Power Comment [105] (105)

Filmed, edited & Broadcast LIVE from The Roundhouse. British Sea Power perform ‘Once More Now’ using hacked Kinect technology.

BlackBox and British Sea Power worked in unison to create a vision of Valhalla Dancehall, the namesake of British Sea Power’s most recent album. Streamed LIVE from the Roundhouse 28.02.11.

THIS WEEK 28th Feb - 5th March

28 February 2011by British Sea Power Comment [78] (78)

This week sees BSP over here, over there and everywhere.

MONDAY 28th February
Live twitter chat with “The Sunday Times magazine” 12.30
Answering your questions (and theirs)!/TheSTMagazine

Live Blackbox session. 9pm. Should be immense.
Featuring brand new ‘hacked kinect technology’, live Whirling Dervishes, Cossack Dancers, Giant Straw Men, a forest… all inside the Roundhouse.
Tune in early to hear Blackbox/Myspace radio and hear BSP pick their favourite songs.

TUESDAY 1st March
British Sea Power will play a concert on a boat alongside the UK’s Houses Of Parliament in support of the renewable-energy campaign group Embrace My Planet’s Sea Power campaign. On ‘stage’ 8.15pm-8.45pm

Recording XFM session

THURSDAY 3rd March
Jo Whiley Session – BBC Radio 2 – On air at 8pm

FRIDAY 4th March
BSP play at RUGBY Town Library
Little Elborow Street, Rugby, CV21 3BZ
Doors 7.30pm
Support – 8pm
BSP – 9pm

SATURDAY 5th March
BSP play at Westminster Reference Library, 35 St Martins Lane, London, WC2H 7HP
Doors 8pm
BSP on stage 9pm

Who's In Control VOTE NOW!

18 February 2011by British Sea Power Comment [66] (66)

Please vote for Who’s In Control to be put on the 6 music playlist.

Thank you

Black Box Session

14 February 2011by British Sea Power Comment [100] (100)

BSP will be performing a Black Box Session in conjunction with Myspace and The Roundhouse.

The session will use hacked Xbox-Kinect technology to distort video into warped otherworld images.

The performance will take place in The Roundhouse which will be transformed into some form of Valhalla Dancehall, including all manner of dancers.

It will be broadcast live at 9pm on Monday 28th February at


For more insight on hacked kinect technology have a look on youtube

Alternative Versions and Demos CD

26 January 2011by British Sea Power Comment [114] (114)

We’ve just finished compiling a 9-track Alternative Versions & Demos CD.
With thanks to Rough Trade, it will be our 2nd release on Golden Chariot records. This limited release will be on sale at our forthcoming shows and in the BSP shop post tour.


1. We Are Sound (Extended Alt. Version)
2. Living Is So Easy (Extended Early Graham Sutton Mix)
3. Mongk (Demo)
4. Fathers Words (Early Bear Demo)
5. Luna (Extended Version)
6. Thin Black Sail (Instrumental Demo)
7. Stunde Null (Demo)
8. Cleaning Out The Rooms (Original Instrumental Piano Demo)
9. Once More Now (Graham Sutton Mix)

More than just a curio, these versions offer plenty.
We Are Sound features it’s original 7/4 time intro and extended bridge. Fathers Words (Early Bear Demo) features rude lyrics taken directly from the mouth of Yan & Hamiltons father, Ronald. Cleaning Out The Rooms (Original Instrumental Piano Demo) was recorded as it was written, on a piano in a cottage in Prussia Cove, Cornwall, the hiss of the wind and waves in the background. Thin Black Sail (Instrumental) is all krautrock groove, and Mongk (Demo) features Hamiltons unique drumming style and frazzled noise.
For those who didn’t manage to get a copy of the Valhalla VIP CD, ‘Luna’ (Extended Version) has been made available on this Alternative Versions & Demos CD too.



BSP Retrospective

24 January 2011by British Sea Power Comment [94] (94)

In July it will be the 10th Anniversary of the release of ‘Fear of Drowning’ on our own Golden Chariot label.

There is a great album review and a whopping 8-page, career-spanning retrospective in this months Record Collector magazine, both written by Jason Draper.
It features early Club Sea Power photos and flyers, artwork inspirations, and Noble in an all-in-one red baby-gro.

We’re also compiling a Valhalla Dancehall ‘Alternate Versions and Demos’ CD which will be our 2nd release on Golden Chariot. More on that soon.

Bar Sports R Us

17 January 2011by British Sea Power Comment [54] (54)

Waving Flags was played on the Masters Snooker on BBC2 yesterday, and The Great Skua was played on the Darts on BBC 2.

Now, for a laugh, what other bar sports would go hand in glove with BSP songs?

Local Library near you?

14 January 2011by British Sea Power Comment [125] (125)

We are looking for a couple of UK public library buildings that might work well for a BSP show.

A striking building – maybe in terms of design or location – that has a room that could hold a good few concert-goers, probably at least 100.

If you know of such a library, could you please post a few details on the BSP forum.

That’s right, the band want to have a laugh and say while reminding the lad Cameron that he like The Smiths and therefore must increase, not decrease the number of public reading rooms.

Yan on recording Valhalla Dancehall

6 January 2011by British Sea Power Comment [45] (45)

The Guardian are streaming are album on their website, and also features Yans memories of recording the album below.
More features will appear soon on Guardian online, including a video and a cover version of a Burl Ives track.

YAN on recording Valhalla Dancehall

For Valhalla Dancehall, our fifth album, we decided to do things a little differently. The plan was to abandon the professional studio and all its trappings in favour of a more DIY approach. First of all we needed a place – somewhere away from it all where we could experiment freely without interference. So, on the edge of the Sussex downs, not far from the sea, we found an old farmhouse and lived there for what turned out to be an 18-month recording and mixing process. Here are my favourite memories of that time …

1 The battles of Selmeston

The wildlife was spectacular around Selmeston. When we weren’t making vast amounts of noise it was almost silent. However, it wasn’t exactly a peaceful haven. In fact by feeding them daily with nuts and seeds I created a kind of hotspot of reward and danger for the local animals. The crows and squirrels were often at the centre of this. Wars and battles would take place frequently. It’s no wonder that the red squirrel has been ousted by the grey. One day I saw one of these cute grey animals hurling itself over a metre upwards, spinning 360 degrees and launching its razorsharp teeth and claws at an airborne crow much superior in size.

2 Walking

I believe walking is one the most creative and important things a person can do. With no transport, walking a mile to get some eggs or go to the local was the norm. Walking for the sake of it was even better. Dallying through forests or around the local reservoir, it seemed that work and troublesome songs would more or less sort their own problems out.

3 Battling the cold with Mario

In winter things became rather cold. Having never looked after a country property before I neglected several duties such as pre-ordering oil in vast quantity months ahead of time. If nothing else it certainly toughened me up. And in the silence of snowy whiteness, breath extending a metre out in whispy clouds, it was ironic and strange that I could still race against “toker” from somewhere in south America on Wii Mario Kart.

4 Making your own crazy golf course

Gardening was another failure. The house had a huge grassy lawn extending down to a copse of trees. Over the summer this grew wild like a meadow, the grass a metre tall. This gave the mice free rein of the garden in reasonable safety from airborne predators. They loved it. It also meant they could invade the house. I also enjoyed the safety of the long grass and took to European-style sunbathing. It was also possible to strim corridors through the maze/meadow and form a rather elaborate crazy golf course. A darts board nailed to a tree at the bottom finished off the amazing array of garden activities.

5 Everything happening at once

The house and gardens were full of little rooms. When the house was busy several band members could be working simultaneously on different songs. I was painting in the shed one day and decided to take a look about and see what the others were doing. Also outside, but in the pigshed, Neil was singing away. Around the other side Martin was recording while Abi was playing viola in the garden. Inside, Graham was preparing mixes in “the room of doom” and Phil and Woody were goofing around in what sounded like a Blade Runner meets drum workshop scenario. It could be a very busy house.

6 Mice and men

I like mice, and even watched a whole episode of Heartbeat with one. But give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. In the end it was total war.

7 The interstellar Sussex downs

The sky at night was truly magnificent due to the total lack of light pollution. Woody would particularly enjoy this sight and point out stars and tell us their names. Meteors were not uncommon and it would become timeless sat out there watching the heavens roll over the Sussex downs.

8 Talking to myself

As mentioned, when it was busy it was a hub of activity for days and weeks, but also weeks could pass without any band members or other people visiting at all. I developed several habits this way such as the yawn that would become a loud animal like roar. Very enjoyable. And I would happily talk to myself without any shame. Nothing too serious, more like “Oooh, shall we have another tea Scott?” or “Lets do some singing!”. Basic practical stuff. I didn’t make a friend out of a plastic football or anything like that.

9 Valhalla Dancehall

I think there is a link between Valhalla Dancehall – the title of our album – and the isolated house we recorded it in. Timeless, silent and also full of noise and ale. Full of little rooms where anything could be happening. A place of experimentation and mental exploration. Perhaps Valhalla Dancehall is just a glorified farmhouse that sometimes runs out of oil.

10 Omens and Ellis

It was a great place to read without being interrupted. There wasn’t much in the way of entertainment so books would be devoured. Even ones I might not have had time for normally, such as the Omen trilogy. I also managed to get through all the JG Ballard books I had missed, Michel Houellebecq, Knut Hamsun, Arthur Miller, the new Brett Easton Ellis and an intimate history of killing by Joanna Bourke.

Music OMH Interview

6 January 2011by British Sea Power Comment [61] (61)

Interview by Ben Hogwood for Music OMH

It is time, once again, to celebrate the diversity and slightly oddball originality of British Sea Power. The band have returned with a fourth album, Valhalla Dancehall, their permanent members now boosted to six strong with the full time acquisitions of Abi Fry and Phil Sumner.

Four of the band are huddled around a pedestal in a Shoreditch pub, with singer Yan and guitarist Martin Noble imminent. They sup pints of rich brown Sussex ale, while Abi waits patiently for the mulled wine to warm up. It’s a cold day, and the band have been in the studio – but the welcome is warm as they laugh at a strategically placed pot plant, sitting on top of our pedestal like a miniature leftover from one of their stage shows.

It’s a good starting point, for Valhalla Dancehall was born of nature. “Me and Hamilton moved up to the Isle of Skye,” says Abi, “and we did a lot of stuff up there. I’d just passed my driving test, and we drove between there and Sussex.” “We listened to some motorway songs,” says co-vocalist Hamilton, “but it wasn’t exactly awe inspiring. The Isle of Skye, though, it was quite a different world up there. A lot of wind! We try and find out of the way places that have character and are a bit weirder, places where we can settle in and make it our own.”

“The way technology has come on in the past 10 years, you can do that,” adds drummer Matthew Wood. “It’s more fun that way, as most studios are sterile places.” “The flipside is you never have to finish it,” adds Abi, “so you end up just going on for years, like we did!”

So how did the record get finished? “We ran out of oil and money,” laughs Hamilton. “Quite literally!” “We didn’t realise we had to order it in advance,” says Matthew, “so when it ran out it got to the point of ‘we either make a record or buy some oil’!”
“We’re getting used to recording in really cold places,” says keyboardist Phil Sumner, practically shivering as he remembers Skye. “Our co-producer Graham Sutton was driving back one night and he got caught in the snow, and had to stay the night in his car.”

Musically, Valhalla Dancehall is the band’s most experimental piece of work to date, a feeling confirmed by the heads nodding sagely around the circle. Lyrically it seems uncannily on the money, with Losing Control drawing unintentional but explicit parallels with the London student demonstrations of the Autumn and Winter.

“That’s Yan, that is,” says Hamilton, “always thinking one step ahead! I don’t think it’s a reaction to politics though. He’s just a bit of a prophet; he wrote Fear Of Drowning and a few weeks later we had the floods. He’s got a power over the world! More seriously though, it’s a sign of the times, and is really of the minute. VAT’s just gone up, the financial meltdown has happened, and there are references to that. I don’t know how much directness there is in Yan’s thinking, but certainly it sums up what’s going on at the minute.”

“It got to the point of ‘we either make a record or buy some oil’!” – British Sea Power drummer Matthew Wood on the creative junction the band reached on the Isle of Skye
If anything, the new record is at times louder than Do You Like Rock Music, but Abi is keen to point out the subtleties too. “It’s definitely got a lot of rock elements on it, but I think if you go deeper there are wider influences. It’s a bit more diverse, and as you go through the album with tracks like Mongk II, it becomes much more experimental.” Later, Yan adds his wish that experimentation be encouraged. “I hope some of that comes across. Behind the scenes there was a lot going off in weird directions. The last process is where we construct something as a form. A lot went into it, and a lot came out of it.”

As a result, the album moves with relative ease from conventional song structures to more expansive, spun out material. “We’re interested in instant things,” says Yan. “I like pop music, but I like things that take longer to divulge themselves. In this album there’s so much that even now I don’t know everything that’s in there, and I hear new things every time I listen.”

“We had the benefit of the time thing,” says Matthew, “and the time to find good sounds. You can home in on certain sounds and use them, and there’s a lot of that on the record.” Is it difficult to know when to stop experimenting? “Yeah, we had to do a bit of reigning in,” confirms Abi. “In the last period there’s a few shorter, snappier songs written to balance it out,” says Hamilton. “It was a beast that had to be tamed a bit! There’s lots of different worlds in there though, it’s got a flow to it, and it takes you on a bit of a journey. I always like that in records.”

Several of the songs on Valhalla Dancehall have enigmatic titles, such as future single Georgie Ray. “That’s a combination of George Orwell and Ray Bradbury,” says Matthew, “and that’s a thing from Yan’s mind. We had a Playboy magazine from 1963, and there was an interview with Ray Bradbury, and he was going on about what the future was going to be a bit like George Orwell and 1984. It was funny because they predicted things like the iPad.”

At this point Yan and guitarist Martin Noble appear, immediately laughing at the flower pot on top of the pedestal. “The first verse was originally based around a quote from George Orwell that I’d liked,” says Yan. “Someone asked him ‘what’s the future?’, and he said ‘it’s being stamped in the face by a heel, eternally’. It was a little bit more poetic than that, but those are the essential ingredients. I thought it was a bit of a downer, but I liked it and wanted another angle. I was reading a book called Echoes, by Ray Bradbury, and this fellow that hung out with him for quite a while. He was chatting all the way through his life. I wanted to bring in a bit of Bradbury’s fun and optimism, and combined them with Orwell into one person.”

“In this album there’s so much that even now I don’t know everything that’s in there” – British Sea Power frontman Yan Scott Wilkinson on the many layers of sound within the band’s new album Valhalla Dancehall
An important aspect of the band’s development is their continued exploration of weird and wonderful sounds, both natural and synthesized. Valhalla Dancehall is no exception. But does it really contain whale sounds? Hamilton, seemingly the group’s chief soundsmith, just ahead of Noble, smiles. “And chickens!” “He’s very secretive about how he makes his noises and things,” says Yan, “and won’t reveal anything!” “I’m just mucking around, using the imagination,” replies his brother. “I’ve got some old tape machines up on Skye. That’s not a real whale though, it just turned into one. All these boys love making a weird noise, truth be told, but we had to go to Skye to get them.” “And did you come away any the wiser?” asks Matthew. “Yeah, we got some noises!” he grins.

The group collectively fixate on the weird and wonderful noises they have used. Noble’s sources are particularly far out. “I went to Shetland,” he says, “and this guy was recording these dotterel birds that live under rocks. At the end of We Are Sound, when it goes into that closing section, there’s a few of those sounds in there.” “We’ve had loads of dogs on our records,” continues Yan. “We even had a shed where we kept pigs, and I did a bit of singing in there.” “We’ve also stuck microphones up chimneys,” says Matthew, “and it’s quite fun when you listen to the recording, with the sound going up the chimney.” “I’m a bit disappointed we don’t manage it more in a way,” confesses Yan. “It’s a bit like an oil tanker at times – your mind is further ahead, and the music takes a bit longer to turn around!”

The group’s connection with horses goes further than having a three-legged steed on the cover of their album. There is in fact a horse called British Sea Power. “We’ve just spent our days betting on horses with odd names,” says Noble. “My dad’s keeping an eye on this one though, and he says to give it time, to wait until the moment’s right. Some fans have bet on it, but they’re betting on the wrong British Sea Power really.” Yan laughs. “You can tell that in some ways we haven’t moved on at all really!”

Later this year, British Sea Power will celebrate a decade of existence, though Yan admits he doesn’t know when that is. “It’s next July,” confirms Noble, “that’s when our first single Fear Of Drowning was released. We have actually been going longer than 10 years.” “I’ve been going 30 odd years now,” protests Yan, “but we’ll accept any presents!”

Valhalla Dancehall, the fourth album from British Sea Power, is released on 10th January 2011 through Rough Trade, containing the singles Living Is So Easy and Georgie Ray. The band support Manic Street Preachers in rearranged Brixton Academy dates on 21-22 January, before setting out on their own UK tour in February.

Listen to Valhalla Dancehall now!

5 January 2011by British Sea Power Comment [41] (41)

Our new album ‘Valhalla Dancehall’ is now streaming at various websites for free.
Go and have a listen.

The Guardian

The Onion,49539/

The Dutch magazine 3Voor12

(The Jamaican Dancehall and Norse Mythology blab is a Red Herring.
It’s more Rock than Rocksteady)

Videoboost 5 - Zeus Tour Pt II & ZEUS Live

30 December 2010by British Sea Power Comment [42] (42)



Listen to Valhalla Dancehall on Dec 31st

24 December 2010by British Sea Power Comment [38] (38)

There will be an audio webcast of the album in full from on December 31st at these times (3 playbacks so wherever you are you should be able to tune in):

Playback 1: 16:00 gmt / 11:00 Est / 08:00 pst
Playback 2: 21:00 gmt / 16:00 est / 13:00 pst
Playback 3: 03:00 gmt / 22:00 est / 19:00 pst

- The webcast will be accompanied by artwork from the album booklet

- If you’re on twitter, you can take part in discussing the album by tweeting with the hashtag ‘#valhalladancehall’ which will then appear on the website

Free bonus BSP CD.
BSP album Valhalla Dancehall is released on 10 Jan 2011.
If you buy it an at an independent record shop, it will come with a limited edition free five-track bonus CD, called ‘Valhalla VIP’.
The bonus CD will feature genuine unreleased treasures and be available from all indies. But if you don’t live near such outlets, you can pre-order for postal delivery from one of the following fine pantile parades:

Jumbo Records, Leeds
Norman Records
Piccadilly, Manchester
Spin, Newcastle
Rough Trade Records, tired old clapped-out London
There are more indies selling them so keep your eyes peeled.

The tracklist for Valhalla VIP:
1) Let the tears Roll
2) Lucky Bicycle
3) Kw-h (Glitter remix)
4) Shit Factory
5) Luna (Full length version)

Videoboost 4 - LISE and SELMO

20 December 2010by British Sea Power Comment [34] (34)

Videoboost 4

Here is a videomentary showing the making of the ‘Living Is So Easy’ video.
The music in the video is a ‘More Than Numbers’ remix of ‘Living Is So Easy’.

Plus, a quick Selmeston walk around.


17 December 2010by British Sea Power Comment [53] (53)

We won the Radcliffe and Maconie Pick n Mix, so we are single of the week this week. Thanks to all those who voted.

Free bonus BSP CD.

BSP album Valhalla Dancehall is released on 10 Jan 2011.
If you buy it an at an independent record shop and initial quantities will come with a free five-track bonus CD, called ‘Valhalla VIP’. The bonus CD will feature genuine unreleased treasures and be available from all indies. But if you don’t live near such outlets, you can pre-order for postal delivery from one of the following fine pantile parades:

Jumbo Records, Leeds
Norman Records
Piccadilly, Manchester
Spin, Newcastle
Rough Trade Records, tired old clapped-out London
There are more indies selling them so keep your eyes peeled.

Finally, roll up for the BSP UK tour in February. Ticket links are as follows:

Mon 7 Feb – Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach
Tues 8 Feb – Bristol Thekla
Weds 9 Feb – Birmingham Library @ The Institute
Thurs 10 Feb – Nottingham Rescue Room
Sat 12 Feb – Leeds Met University
Sun 13 Feb – Glasgow Arches
Mon 14 Feb – Newcastle Tyne Theatre
Tues 15 Feb – Manchester Ritz
Thurs 17 Feb – Dublin Academy:
Fri 18 Feb – Belfast Spring and Airbrake:
Sat 19 Feb – Liverpool Stanley Theatre:
Sun 20 Feb – Cambridge Junction:
Mon 21 Feb – Norwich The Waterfront:
Weds 23 Feb – Brighton Komedia:
Fri 25 Feb – Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms: /
Sun 27 Feb – London Forum:

Videoboost No.3 - Bear

13 December 2010by British Sea Power Comment [61] (61)

Videoboost No.3 brings you a live version of ‘Bear’ (from the Zeus EP).
Recorded in Cambridge on the Manic Street Preachers tour, October 2010.

Videoboost No.2 - Jersey Film Festival

10 December 2010by British Sea Power Comment [47] (47)

This may not have been seen by many people, so here it is again.
Short videomentary of BSP at the Jersey Film Festival.

We will be posting at least 1 or 2 new videos each week, until we run out.
Then we will have to put live streams up like Big Brother.

The music is an instrumental of new BSP track “Dangerous” (Japanese bonus track, featuring Eamon Hamilton on piano), and also an alternative demo version of “Retreat” (bonus track on Zeus EP)

Archive from the Zeus EP tour - VIDEOBOOST No.1

7 December 2010by British Sea Power Comment [55] (55)

By the end of September 2010 the new BSP album was mastered and in the can.
It would be called “Valhalla Dancehall”, but in the meantime we were about to release the “Zeus EP”.

Zeus is a God as we all know, but it is also a canned lager and a transit van.
Zeus the lager was cheap, but fell out of fashion. *(1)
Zeus the van has travelled so many thousands of miles across the U.K. and Europe it could in fact have been to the moon and back, if only there was a road to travel on. It is without doubt my favorite vehicle, having safely seen us to and from so many adventures.

It was a little ironic that the “Zeus EP” tour would, due to unfortunate logistics, not be conducted in the Zeus van, but in another stalwart of the road, from Sheffield, the Stardes “Tank”. *(2)

So, shortly it would be time to join the Manic Street Preachers, and a chance to find our feet. First though, we would plough north to the Scottish isles of Mull and Eigg for some wilder, more low key fun, at the best festival in the world, the “Away Game”.

Thanks to all who came along and supported us. We had several barrels of laughs and are looking forward to doing it again on a bigger scale next year. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this slightly daft film and the accompanying live footage*(3) filmed in Leicester on the night of Halloween.

Och aye


1* It was in tribute to this legendary beverage we would release our own limited edition Zeus lager.

2* Please note that despite the numerous transit vehicles in this film, none are in fact the Zeus .

3* Thanks to Dave Taylor for creeping round in the bushes with a camera.


1. Scottish Island Adventure.

2. Can We Do It?

3. Apologies To Insect Life

Hamilton & Horse, Russia

6 December 2010by British Sea Power Comment [37] (37)

hammy russia

Halloween snaps

29 November 2010by British Sea Power Comment [43] (43)

Whilst supporting the Manic Street Preachers last month, we played Leicester on Halloween and decided to go the whole hog. Here are some snaps of us getting our outfits together.

There is some video footage and live audio of the show too. Once we’ve put that together we’ll put up on the website.







Tour announced - bundle bargain

28 November 2010by British Sea Power Comment [27] (27)

UK tour in February.

BSPs UK tour has been announced, and there’s an exclusive ticket & album pre-order bundle available now at
You’ll save yourself a few quid if you buy both at once, before general tickets go on sale.

Check out these guaranteed fully-roofed BSP concert engagements:

Mon 7 Feb – Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach
Tues 8 Feb – Bristol Thekla
Weds 9 Feb – Birmingham Library @ The Institute
Thurs 10 Feb – Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Sat 12 Feb – Leeds Met University
Sun 13 Feb – Glasgow Arches
Mon 14 Feb – Newcastle Tyne Theatre
Tues 15 Feb – Manchester Ritz
Thurs 17 Feb – Dublin Academy
Fri 18 Feb – Belfast Spring and Airbrake
Sat 19 Feb – Liverpool Stanley Theatre
Sun 20 Feb – Cambridge Junction
Mon 21 Feb – Norwich The Waterfront
Weds 23 Feb – Brighton Komedia
Fri 25 Feb – Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
Sun 27 Feb – London Forum

Concert tickets are available now as a fandabidozi all-in ticket/CD rumble
bundle from HMV’s website. Pre-ordering the album whilst buying a ticket
at the same time is guaranteed to save you a few quid so head here now
while HMV’s exclusive ticket allocation lasts:


PLEASE ALSO NOTE. If you do purchase an HMV CD/ticket bundle, please keep
your receipt. You will be able to exchange it for a free hard physical gift
in the not too distant future at the shows.

AND PLEASE DO REMEMBER: the full version of Living Is So Easy is available
to purchase as a download from iTunes from Monday 29 November.

A cover of Galaxie 500s Tugboat, from 2008

24 November 2010by British Sea Power Comment [31] (31)

New Tracks live on Lamacq

23 November 2010by British Sea Power Comment [27] (27)

Listen again to BSP live on Steve Lamacqs show.

We played ‘Living Is So Easy’ and the opening song on Valhalla Dancehall “Who’s In Control”

It starts about 2.07 in to the show.
Listen Here

Live on Lamacq

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British Sea Power will be at Maida Vale on Monday 22nd Nov, playing a live session for Steve Lamacq and all his listeners.

We’ll be playing 2 new songs live on air, and recording a 3rd new song, to be played at a later date.

Competition Winners

16 November 2010by British Sea Power Comment [79] (79)

‘Shinkansen’ on the BSP forum wins the 2nd round for placing the final piece of Jigsaw in position, and completing the lyrics to “Living Is So Easy’.
He wins a signed BSP Clay Pigeon.

Burghblue on the BSP Forum wins the 1st round for guessing the 4 abbreviations in ‘Living Is So Easy’.
He wins a LVMH headband knitted by Abi Fry.

VPL-Visible Panty Line
SUV-Sports Utility Vehicle
LVMH-Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey
HLM-Habitation à Loyer Modéré

Well oh my God did she look cute
At the Dame Vera clay pigeon shoot
But it was over oh so fast
It was a blast

So here’s to all the dirty girls
They’re taking on all of the world
Accessorised up to the hilt
No-one got killed.

Northern girls
You’re going to the party
Southern boys
Are you going to the party?

Everyone, the wessies and the ossies,
Everyone is going to the party
And we know that you will understand
No- oh

Living is so easy
(Living is so easy)
Shopping is so easy
(Shopping is so easy)
Dying is so easy
(Dying is so easy)
All of it is easy
(All of it is easy)

I love your celebrity
Your VPL in the SUV
And then you’re pissing vitamin
It is a sin

LVMH in the HLM
Luxury it will descend
I won’t be looking at your eyes in the end

Rive Gauche girls
Are you going to the party?
Banlieue boys
Are you going to the party?

The cops and the Commies
Everyone is going to the party
And we know that you will understand
No- oh

Living is so easy
(Living is so easy)
Shopping is so easy
(Shopping is so easy)
Dying is so easy
(Dying is so easy)
All of it is easy
(All of it is easy)

Northern girls
Are you going to the party?
Southern boys
Are you going to the party?
Everyone is going to the party

Living Is So Easy - Instant Reactions!

16 November 2010by Noble Comment [61] (61)

In this world of instant everything, we’ve got some instant, warts an’ all, bite size reactions to the new single “Living Is So Easy”.

Hot off the mainframe.

Marc Riley – Effin ace
Steve Lamacq – A wicked glint in it’s eye

craigbsnyder – Really great!
danielenjoystea – Sure is swell
highrotational – Great!
Quietus – Splendid stuff
philmoomp – Predictably, a lovely song
vacuouspob – Whoop whoop
mouxlaloulouda – Exquisite
cumbriandrunk – A bit marrilion
Treesiepops – <3
el-fusilado – It’s perfect. Listening is so easy
Digitalsunshine – Amazing
NinaSupersonic – Catchy as hell
Touristique – I’ve missed you
Hey Rusty – It sounds a bit like Lemon Incest. Without the incest
PaulJTucker – Obviously it’s really good.
Jimwaterson – An earworm for melancholy winter nights

Wally World – A lovely pop song
booster – F*ckin love it
gtw – As catchy as crabs
Sarah Nicholls – I do like the fact they haven’t gone for something obvious
Avocetboy – Great. Quite Unique
Captain Quiet – I’ve already forgotten how it goes.
Lancashire Fusileer – Pretty brilliant in an elfische, “Fucke You” way.
Martin our Pravda – pretty odd isn’t it?
Cold Ethyl – The tune is OK. Poor lyrics
Skinku – I just think it’s a bit shit. Awful.
Kid Dynamo – It’s lovely and very pretty
Ursine Ben – I fucking love this new effort
Gorgeous Undertow – It’s a real tossaway of a tune
The Cockney Ghost – It’s like moving from Orkney to Malaga
gtw – Absolutely glorious. Quite possibly my favourite BSP song ever
Revol_T – I Love it. A slice of slighlty unsettling bubblegum electropop
Bing Diddley – On first listen it reminded me of Common People
Dr_Dupree – Simply wonderful
5 Not Out – Nice tune in a weird BSP sort of way
Pauloso – I love it. A simple but brilliant melody

So there you have it!
Please twitter or post your comments and we’ll add them to the list.

Living Is So Easy Competition cont...

16 November 2010by Noble Comment [39] (39)

Burghblue on the BSP Forum wins the 1st round for guessing the 4 abbreviations in ‘Living Is So Easy’.
Technically, he only got the 4th answer, but this constitutes a win.
He wins a LVMH headband knitted by Abi Fry.

VPL-Visible Panty Line
SUV-Sports Utility Vehicle
LVMH-Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey
HLM-Habitation à Loyer Modéré

Prize, a signed clay pigeon.

It is very close now.
Below is taken from answers on the blog and forum.
All incorrect words have been marked with an X
Clue: some of it is in the German language.

Well oh my God did she look cute
At the Dame Vera clay pigeon shoot
But it was over oh so fast
It was a blast
So here’s to all the dirty girls
They’re taking on all of the world
Accessorised up to the hilt
No-one XXX killXX

Northern girls
You’re going to the party
Southern boys
Are you going to the party?
Everyone, the XXXXXXX and the XXXXXX
Everyone is going to the party

And we know that you will understand
No- oh

Living is so easy
(Living is so easy)
Shopping is so easy
(Shopping is so easy)
Dying is so easy
(Dying is so easy)
All of it is easy
(All of it is easy)

I love your celebrity
Your VPL in the SUV
And then you’re pissing vitamin
It is a sin
LVMH in the HLM
Luxury it will descend
I won’t be looking at your eyes in the end

Rive Gauche girls
Are you going to the party?
Banlieue boys
Are you going to the party?
The cops and the Commies
Everyone is going to the party

And we know that you will understand
No- oh

Living is so easy
(Living is so easy)
Shopping is so easy
(Shopping is so easy)
Dying is so easy
(Dying is so easy)
All of it is easy
(All of it is easy)

Northern girls
Are you going to the party?
Southern boys
Are you going to the party?
Everyone is going to the party


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Just been made aware of this early footage of Kraftwerk.
Lovely stuff

Living Is So Easy Competition

15 November 2010by Noble Comment [18] (18)

1) The first person to work out what the abbreviations in ‘Living is so Easy’ mean wins a Louis Vuitton BumBag & a lifetime supply of Berocca

2) The first person to work out all the lyrics wins a clay pigeon signed by the band

Please write answers below or the BSP forum.

LIVING IS SO EASY - video shoot

11 November 2010by British Sea Power Comment [33] (33)

‘Living Is So Easy’ will be the first single to be released off “Valhalla Dancehall’, and Steve Lamacq will be the first to play it on Monday 15th Nov, between 4.30 and 5pm.

We shot the video for new song “Living Is So Easy” single last Monday.

The video idea is based on test shots that were made for Henri-Georges Clouzot’s unfinished film L’enfer (Inferno) (1964).
Clouzot was known to some as the French Hitchcock, but with Inferno, he was creating a whole new kind of masterpiece. Armed with an unlimited budget, one of the things he created were ‘kinetic art’ test shots which have inspired the video for ‘Living is so Easy’

The song ‘Living Is So Easy’ features electronic keyboards, Louis Vuitton and Clay Pigeon Shooting.
It’s a mixture of Serge Gainsbourg, Ralf and Florian era Kraftwerk, Lee Scratch Perry and a sprinkle of Stock, Aitken & Waterman.
It’s our most electronic song to date, but it’s no 80s doom electronics.
This is the high life.


There was a 2009 documentary called ‘Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno’ which is superb. For more information on Clouzots INFERNO read on.

Stuart Jeffries for the Guardian Thursday 29 October 2009


The film was called Hell, and it duly became hell. But this 1964 flop by Henri-Georges Clouzot shouldn’t blind us to his genius

Brigitte Bardot called him “a negative being, for ever at odds with himself and the world around him”. Another actor described him as “an interfering man who wanted every actor under his control”. The man they are both describing is Henri-Georges Clouzot, one of France’s greatest film directors, whose work plumbed the depths of misanthropy, paranoia and revenge so unremittingly that it was hard not to believe he was exploring his own psyche in public.

Clouzot was hated and feted in equal measure. One of his first masterpieces, the 1943 film Le Corbeau, is now hailed by critics, but on release it united the French left and the pro-Nazi Vichy regime in an unlikely alliance against Clouzot’s vision of pettiness and self-loathing in a small French wartime town divided by a poison-pen letter scandal. It was brave story to tell in a France torn apart by war; Le Corbeau was pulled from cinemas, Clouzot was fired from the Nazi-owned Continental studios and, after the war, received a lifetime ban (rescinded in 1947) from the French film industry for working with the Nazis.

Today he is largely forgotten, or at best mistaken for the bumbling inspector in the Pink Panther franchise. But now the disgracefully neglected Clouzot is being brought to new audiences with a documentary about his doomed 1964 project concerning a jealous husband’s mental collapse into paranoid fantasy. Called L’Enfer (Hell), the film became a real hell for the director and everyone on set.

One of L’Enfer’s problems was that Clouzot had by then become notorious as a director with a taste for violence and betrayal – and not just in his films. During the filming of La Vérité (The Truth) in 1960, he wanted Brigitte Bardot to fall asleep and drool for one scene. As you do. So he gave her some pills saying they were painkillers. They turned out to be sleeping pills. Bardot had to have her stomach pumped. Her subsequent verbal attack on him was understandable. But she was not the only actress he made suffer. Suzy Delair, who starred in the 1947 film Quai des Orfèvres, disclosed that he slapped her on set. “So what?” Delair told one interviewer. “He slapped others as well … He was tough but I’m not about to complain.”

In terms of violence to his female stars, Clouzot was a monstre sacré akin to his contemporary, Alfred Hitchcock, whom he admired and whose psychological thrillers of the 1950s and 60s bear close comparison with Clouzot’s greatest films – The Wages of Fear (1953), starring Yves Montand, and Les Diaboliques (1955), with Véra Clouzot as a wronged wife who conspires with his mistress, Simone Signoret, to murder her husband. Four years after La Vérité, Clouzot set about making L’Enfer. It was about a man driven mad by the supposed infidelities of his beautiful wife.

Clouzot cast 26-year-old Romy Schneider, who, though Austrian, was then one of France’s leading film stars. French cinema was a-tremble with expectation: could L’Enfer repeat the success of his earlier, great films? And what on-set tortures did Clouzot have in store for Schneider?

Moreover, French cinema had been revolutionised by the nouvelle vague since his last film, and the likes of Godard and Truffaut had arguably eclipsed Clouzot. Could he now show those young pups he was still the greatest French exponent of the seventh art? The director Costa-Gavras, who worked as production assistant on L’Enfer, said: “He was criticised by the nouvelle vague for planning out everything in the script. The big word of the epoch was ‘improvise’. He had a nice line about that: ‘I improvise on paper.’”

Clouzot was known as a forbiddingly meticulous metteur en scène, storyboarding his films so intensively that actors often felt thwarted. On L’Enfer, he sought to revolutionise cinema by meticulously creating a film using the experimental sounds of Pierre Boulez’s Ircam in Paris, and the then-voguish images of kinetic art to express his hero’s increasingly wild fantasy life. These lurid colour sequences would be juxtaposed with black-and-white footage shot on location.

But he never finished L’Enfer. After a few weeks of studio tests in Paris and 10 days on location, Clouzot abandoned it. Serge Bromberg and Ruxandra Medrea’s new documentary anatomises that cinematic nightmare– and it makes painful viewing, though it is filled with tantalising images of what might have been.

How did it come about? Thirty years after Clouzot’s death in 1977, his widow, Inès de Gonzalez, found herself trapped in a broken lift with a young film-maker. During their enforced intimacy, Inès told Bromberg that she had 185 cans of film (about 13 hours) of the unfinished penultimate film. She entrusted the footage to Bromberg to make a film containing interviews with the crew and newly dramatised scenes based on Clouzot’s script.

But we also have something extra: Claude Chabrol’s 1994 film based on Clouzot’s script, also called L’Enfer, starring Emmanuelle Béart as the flirtatious wife and François Cluzet as the paranoid husband. That is hardly enough, even if Chabrol inherited Clouzot’s mantle as the French Hitchcock. His treatment of the story is never as bravura as Clouzot’s promised to be. The test shots for Clouzot’s L’Enfer that appear in the new documentary show that he envisaged using kinetic art in a way that parallels how Hitchcock had used Salvador Dalí‘s surrealist dream sequences almost 20 years earlier on Spellbound.

Maybe, though, it was in making these test shots that Clouzot’s ambition went beyond his capacity to realise a film. Film-maker Bernard Stora, then an intern on the film, worked on the tests. “I walked into something totally insane,” he recalls. “Clouzot had the best cameramen and the most seasoned technicians. It seemed clear from the beginning they didn’t know what they were doing.”

The producers, though, saw rushes of this stuff and loosened the purse strings: they saw genius where Stora saw insanity. Clouzot then had a virtually unlimited budget – but it only encouraged him to dream big and worry 24/7. Once on set, hell began in earnest. Clouzot started shooting at a lakeside hotel. But there was a difficulty. The lake, which figured in most scenes, was scheduled to be drained for a hydroelectric generating project. Clouzot had only 20 days to wrap the project. The shoot became as tense as a countdown Hollywood thriller.

L’Enfer’s key protagonists – Schneider, Serge Reggiani (who played the fantasising husband) and Clouzot – are all dead. But what we learn from the documentary is that Clouzot upset his leading man much more than his leading lady. After 10 days on set, Reggiani walked off, claiming to be suffering from Maltese fever, and threatening legal action. “Serge said he wasn’t there to be insulted by a schizophrenic maniac,” says Lan Nguyen, a junior member of the crew.

Reggiani, according to other crew members, had been steeling himself against being bullied on set by the notorious Clouzot and so was already in a highly strained state. How had Clouzot upset Reggiani? He had insisted that, in order to demonstrate the husband’s jealousy, Reggiani would have to run behind a camera car repeatedly, ostensibly following Schneider’s car. Reggiani found himself running for 10 miles a day up vertiginous mountain roads – great footage, but the ordeal took its toll.

After Reggiani quit, Clouzot needed a replacement. Jean-Louis Trintignant (male foil in the 1956 Bardot vehicle And God Created Woman, and soon to be a star of European art cinema) was invited to the set and was wooed by Clouzot into taking the part – but decided against it.

Clouzot now decided it was too late to hire a replacement. Notoriously insomniac at the best of times, he rewrote the film through the nights and shot new footage during the days. The idea was that he would later edit his way around the problem of not having his leading man on set. He became increasingly stressed, alienated and paranoid. Perhaps – and this is just a thought – he should have taken the role himself?

And then one day, while he was filming Romy Schneider and Dany Carel having a lesbian tryst on a boat on the lake, he had a heart attack. He was taken to hospital and was compelled to abandon the film. “It happened at the right moment,” says Stora. “Things weren’t going well.”

Clouzot would make only one more film before his death in 1977. In 1968’s La Prisonnière, he used some of those weirdo kinetic art shots he had filmed for L’Enfer. It didn’t revolutionise cinema, and was forgotten even in a France that cherishes its cinema. Clouzot had been consumed by the very hell he tried, and failed, to show on screen.

On the Stereo

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Imagine a Tiger

10 November 2010by Noble Comment [13] (13)

Our Friend the cartoonist Tony Husband is involved with the ROAR collective, and they are putting on a night on 29th November called ‘Imagine a Tiger’.
It’s an evening of Stand Up Poetry + Music + Cartoons featuring:

When – Monday 29th November
Show Time – 8.30pm
Where – Screen on the Green Cinema, 83 Upper Street, London N1
Tickets – £15 can get them via Just Giving.

Find out more

Why are the ROAR Collective doing this?

To raise money and awareness for EIA and specifically highlighting Tigers, since it is Chinese Year of the Tiger.

Why is it important? This is what Debbie Banks from EIA had to say –

“The Tiger has been voted the world’s favourite animal and has mesmerised man for centuries. It is the national symbol of 6 of the countries which make up its wild home, is the vehicle of the goddess Durga, is a source of spiritual inspiration to millions and is the symbol of our future; for where there are tigers, there are the forests that secure our water, mitigate climate change and enrich all our lives. Yet the wild tiger’s future is at a tipping point. The population has crashed from over 100,000 a hundred years ago, to little over 3000 today. Saving the wild tiger is not rocket science; populations can recover if given protection from poachers and if given enough prey, water and forest to breed and disperse without coming into conflict with people and livestock. Ending the tiger trade is good for tigers and good for other Asian big cats. Skins are used for luxury home décor and taxidermy in China. Nothing traditional or cultural about that, just vanity and status. Farmed tiger parts are turned into tiger bone wine and sold in tiger-shaped bottles, marketed as a prestigious gift for the boss. If governments were truly committed to saving the wild tiger, they would do everything they can to stop demand and give the wild tiger the breathing space it needs to recover. After all, if we can’t save the tiger, what can we save?”

So come join the rip roaring fun. Donate £15 in return for a fantastic night of stand up poetry, music and delicious cartoons.

Dan Cockrill
Tony Husband

Follow this link for more info and tickets.

British Sea Power - Away Game, Eigg, 2010

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Album Title revealed in Guardian's 'Away Game' festival review

12 October 2010by Noble Comment [34] (34)

Weird and wonderful: Scotland’s Away Game music festival.
A new music festival on the Hebridean isle of Eigg offers a magical alternative to the famous summer events.

by Luke Bainbridge, for GUARDIAN Travel


Our host and driver for the weekend, Colin, arrived back at the ceilidh hall at 5.30am, as day broke. There was blood dripping from a gash by his right eye, where he had been kicked in the face by an injured horse he was trying to help. He was in search of another drink. “I hope youse are not wanting a lift back up the road just now!” he told us. By the end of the second day of the weird and wonderful Away Game festival, there didn’t seem anything particularly unusual about this.

Everyone who travelled to the Isle of Eigg for Away Game at the end of September expected something a little different to the festival norm. But few can have been prepared for exactly how magical and memorable the weekend would be. The festival is run by Fence, the label and collective based in the seaside town of Anstruther, Fife. They have held the Home Game festival in Anstruther for the past seven years, but decided it was time for an Away Game, and Eigg was the perfect destination. Part of the archipelago in the Inner Hebrides known as the Small Isles (along with siblings Muck, Canna and Rum), Eigg has a fascinating, eventful history, including a lengthy feud between the Macdonalds and Macleods in the 16th century that led to the death of the island’s entire population, suffocated in an act of clan warfare in a spot now known as the Massacre Cave. The island was slowly repopulated and after longstanding issues with the landowners, the islanders eventually purchased Eigg in 1997 in a unique partnership between residents, the Highland council and the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

Away Game was organised by Fence Records label manager Johnny Lynch, helped by Eigg local Sarah Boden, who was assistant editor on Observer Music Monthly until early this year, when she left to return to Eigg and become a sheep farmer. After the festival was announced, Lynch answered questions on the Fence website.

“Will I get burnt to death in a giant effigy of a man woven from wicker?” one punter asked.

“No,” reassured Lynch, “Eigg’s sea name is Isle of the Big Women, so most probably it will be an effigy of a woman with giant boobies.”

The festival ticket included the boat crossing from the mainland. Photograph: Takeshi Suga
Fears were allayed, and the festival sold out in six minutes, before the line-up had even been announced. Most Away Gamers arrived by train to Arisaig, then took the boat to Eigg (return crossing and weekend camping was included in the £90 festival ticket). I took the Caledonian Sleeper from London, which leaves at 9.15pm and is due to arrive in Fort William mid-morning. Unfortunately, my train was delayed during the night so when I woke at 8am we were only in Edinburgh. But on the plus side, I missed none of the scenery. After Glasgow, the train follows the water’s edges – the Clyde, Loch Long, then the upper third of Loch Lomond – then splits at Crianlarich. It’s obvious why the line regularly features in lists of the world’s greatest rail journeys. It’s staggeringly beautiful.

We made Arisaig by teatime to catch the small boat to the festival. Cans were cracked open, whisky bottles passed round and only one person was seasick. At Eigg, we were greeted warmly at the pier by Lynch and Fence founder Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote) and a huddle of islanders. We formed a human chain from boat hold to the pier, passing bags, tents and guitars. Most people were camping, but we stayed at Kildonan farm with the lovely Colin and Marie, who take guests for around £30.

There were two stages, at the ceilidh hall and a marquee, with bands appearing alternately in each and Johnny introducing virtually every band personally. Friday night highlights included Jon Hopkins and Silver Columns, the electronic collaboration between Lynch and Adem. After a long day, we were given a lift back to Kildonan farm in a Land Rover at 4am, to find Colin asleep in the kitchen with the dog.

After breakfast, we walked the couple of miles back to the festival site. Early highlights on Saturday included Cate Le Bon (and a cover of Labi Siffre’s It Must Be Love); a combustible indie set from Kid Canaveral; and Darren Hayman from Hefner, whose first song was about “a woman dying in a car crash”. The only slight problem was the lack of food available. The only shop shut at 5pm, and the neighbouring tea room stopped serving shortly after. Lynch did bring caterers from Anstruther, but they were battling against the odds. On Saturday, a hand-written note apologised: “There will be pies a wee bit later but not many… later could be 7, but the oven has a mind of its own!”

The marquee was packed for both a great King Creosote set and the mighty, raucous British Sea Power. Traditional Gaelic band Daimh had the whole marquee rocking and then Johnny himself, this time playing as Pictish Trail, had the hall bouncing and singing the “you’ve got the light of the sun in your eyes” line from Winter Home Disco back to him. The final band, at gone 4am, was Eigg’s own metal band called, naturally, Massacre Cave.

Eigg has a fascinating, and brutal, history. Photograph: Murdo Macleod
On Sunday, after a brisk walk to the real Massacre Cave, we headed to Laig Beach to join most of those left on Eigg, a party of about 100, including around 20 musicians, for a tradition adopted from Eigg ceilidhs – a ceremonial burning of the festival stage. The sun was setting between Eigg and Rum as we reached the deserted beach, only to find “VALHALLA DANCEHALL” spelt out in seaweed letters two foot high, which stumped even the locals. The fire burned into the night and a guitar was passed from artist to artist for acoustic numbers and singalongs from most of the Away Game bill.

On the ferry back to the mainland the next day I worked out that even including the sleeper train from London (if booked in advance) and accommodation, Away Game works out cheaper than the bigger, middle-of-the-road festivals, and the experience and memories are incomparable.

And festival aside, why fly half the way around the world in search of some undiscovered island when there’s such a beautiful, mythical place on your doorstep? Eigg is stunning, and the islanders couldn’t be more warm and welcoming. They love to party and the sense of freedom is infectious. They don’t burn effigies on Eigg, but they do burn bright and have, as Lynch would say, the light of the sun in their eyes.
by Luke Bainbridge

That’s right.
Get ready for the VALHALLA DANCEHALL

Drowned In Sound - BSP Take Over

5 October 2010by Noble Comment [15] (15)

We have ‘taken over’ Drowned In Sound for a week, which essentially means we’ve written lots of articles whilst driving from Island to City.


Yans guide to lightweight fun on the road
Phils 5 best Castles, Ever
Abi on Knitting
Hamiltons Mongk Drawing
Nobles ’10 things we wish we hadn’t done’
Mull Trip Diary with illustrations from Tony Husband
The Shopkeepers Guide To Film
Branchage Film Festival Review + BSP short film
+ much much more

Read it during work hours here:

ZEUS EP (review no.1)

2 October 2010by Noble Comment [152] (152)

Incendiary Magazine by Richard Foster

I have had three acquaintances with the name of Zeus in my life; one is the obvious, a little knowledge of the “oracular oak hero and destroyer of the Titans, turned symbol of the male as enforcer and fount of wisdom” (to paraphrase Robert Graves: The Greek Myths – pp 37-8, 55 etc., etc.). The second is the uneasy memory of a ridiculously vicious Alsatian, owned by a fairly mental Welsh mate of mine. The dog bit us – and him constantly, and I think it’s fair to say that there was little love between Zeus and the world at large. Which made it all the more surprising to us all when we learned that the only thing Eddie rescued when he burnt his house down was the bloody dog, (which bit him frantically as he stumbled into the street, face blackened, with only his undies to hide his modesty). The third Zeus “in my life” is the van commemorated by this EP, driven by Paul Tidy. We were once smuggled into the yawn-fest that is Lowlands by a very accommodating Mr T & band, and out again to the nearest train station; albeit in the face of a bollocking from Paul, as the van was carrying too many passengers for the insurance remit. So my memory of “The Zeus” is an uncomfortable one: being on my knees and elbows, and staring at assorted BSP “tour droppings” whilst Amon Düül II’s Yeti wailed and screeched on the stereo.

There is a reason for this preamble: namely to make the point that this record is multi-dimensional; slipping in and out of time, conjuring up many feelings and memories, (hence my ramblings) but always coming back to a core point; that this is the confident, settled and assured work of a band of peculiar power and vision.

In fact, I find that the Zeus EP is possibly the most “BSP” that BSP have sounded. In some ways the fragmentary & wide ranging nature of the musical stylings and approaches on the EP only help present the true “distilled” essence of the band: wild-eyed, cussed, romantic and pretty damned strange. The opener – and title track – is a case in point as regards the strangeness, what on earth Yan is trying to convey at times is beyond me. The stop-start nature of Zeus emphasizes its jerky psychosis. The song bellows and screeches, mayfly-giddy, it runs naked and unashamed, grabbing the listener and forcing them to submit to some kind of St Vitus dance. Quite apart from forming a mental connection between Rick Stein & Nicky Khrushchev (which is quite enough thanks), it glories in its ugliness and inadaptability: don’t be fooled by the winsome guitar run, that’s just camouflage. And what’s the yelling of “bingo” about?

Psychosis of one kind or another is found in all of the louder tracks; Can We Do It? could well be the sort of thing Roky Erikson conjured up in Rusk State Hospital whilst Mongk and kW.h are glitter-stomps of the most Neanderthal kind: lads out on the piss, drinking rum cocktails and murdering karaoke; all dressed at the Very Heighth of Fashion. kW.h has an air of Super Furries to it too (Golden Retriever anyone?), no bad thing at all, great minds drawing from the same sonic wellspring.

Sea Power’s dalliance with full-blown, unabashed romanticism probably reaches its apogee with the two Hamilton– penned “slowies”: the second is the surprise extra track after the psycho-blow outs of Mongk and kW.h. It’s a Kraut-folk collage drawing on Cluster and Ash Ra Tempel’s quieter dreamier textures, and some dewy-eyed folk Mike Heron/Vashti Bunyan style. The first, Cleaning out The Rooms is a masterful tease; building up slowly, constantly reinforced by shimmering strings and glistening guitar. It could be their greatest moment yet. And the more I hear it the more I think Hammy’s channelling Paul Buchanan’s stuff from early Blue Nile. The Blue Nile feel also hits home on the track penned by Abi Fry, Pardon My Friends; a soft soliloquy that is given the ghostly storyteller treatment by Yan. Bear is a masterful display of the band’s wistful dreaminess; the song turns on a sixpence about three minutes in and ascends ether-wards on the back of heady, sugar-candy keyboards.

Despite the band being comprised of the most personable of individuals, it is obvious to one and all that there really is no telling them what to do. And maybe it’s time we all accepted this. The record that will unchain Fenris and smash open the gates to another world is always within their grasp, probably more so now than ever, but maybe it doesn’t actually matter if they fail gloriously trying.

(This review is dedicated to Alan Spencer, whose benevolent and generous presence at many a BSP gig & meet up will be sorely missed. Long may the afterglow of his spirit brighten and inform us all. We miss you Alan.)

Mojo Review of Eigg 'Away Game' Festival

1 October 2010by Noble Comment [32] (32)

Caledonia Über Alles

The Away Game
Featuring British Sea Power, King Creosote, Cate Le Bon…
Various venues, Isle Of Eigg
September 24 – 26, 2010

“We’ve been robbed by the eight-year-olds!” holler British Sea Power, their pockets emptied by the entrepreneurial youth of the Isle of Eigg. The band have come here by whale-watching ferry for the Fence Collective’s first-ever Away Game – an adventurous, off-shore counterpoint to Fife’s annual sell-out Home Game bash, as helmed by Kenny Anderson (King Creosote) and Johnny Lynch (The Pictish Trail). The cosy venues for the weekend’s festivities are a ceilidh hall, an attached marquee, a campfire and a tearoom-cum-pub by the pier.

While BSP are no strangers to gigging in far-flung locales – from abandoned Cornish tin mines to the Great Wall of China – they’re clearly delighted by this tiny Inner Hebridean isle. “Let’s all move to Eigg!” raves guitarist Noble, a propos a domain whose population is 70, and whose friendly young natives flog miniature glow-sticks outside the the ceilidh hall and charge the likes of Darren Hayman, Cate Le Bon and Malcolm Middleton a quid a pop for the pleasure of whacking a coke can into a bog with a stick.

The Fence Collective has long been aligned with the folkier side of contemporary music – Fence alumni include KT Tunstall and James Yorkston – but the enterprise maintains a thriving electronic undercurrent. This year, that tradition is sustained by the lucid synth-pop of Johnny Lynch and Adem’s Silver Columns, whose Brow Beaten single, released anonymously last year, had rumours circulating of a secret Jimmy Somerville comeback. Live, Lynch’s ethereal falsetto trills are offset by the duo’s performance chutzpah, and the woozy, bass-heavy Columns from May’s Yes And Dance long-player, sees Lynch and Adem burl into the crowd with drums and tambourines and megaphones, before kicking-off a conga-line whose number outstrips the neighbouring populace.

Back in singer-songwriter world, Welsh folk-noirista Cate Le Bon stands in a bunting-decked hall in the woods, shadowed by a two-year-old boy brandishing a ukulele. Le Bon’s solo set of heady, laid-back and lyrically vivid serenades begs further Nico comparisons, but flatteringly. On the same bill, Edinburgh’s Withered Hand offer home-spun Neil Young-isms, while there’s swashbuckling country-folk from thespian troubadour Johnny Flynn, and semi-instrumental loops and noodles from former Arab Strap man Malcolm Middleton (alias Human Don’t Be Angry). Essex indie-pop kingpin Darren Hayman is similarly kitted-out – although the former Hefner frontman also has an ace fiddler in tow, adding Dexy’s vibes to his bookish acoustic croons.

And then there is Sweet Baboo: a deadpan Welshman in the anti-folk/Jeffrey Lewis vein, who penned “a song about Cardiff being a shithole” then sold it to the Welsh Tourist Board for a major TV ad campaign (How I’d Live My Life aka The Bumblebee Song). His indie-pop odes are distinguished by understated guitar chops and a droll rural vernacular (“Peas, split, go!”) that chimes well with our surrounds. He’s an engaging, funny raconteur – even when gloating about his relative youth (“three years till I’m thirty; three years till hell”).

By contrast, Kenny “King Creosote” Anderson is keen to celebrate his backing troupe’s maturer vintage. “The combined age of this band is over 200 years!” he proclaims, to cheers, then ploughs into a rousing set of folk-rock favourites, from the heart-stopping Not One Bit Ashamed, to the anthemic You’ve No Clue Do You (still the greatest song Fleetwood Mac never wrote). Then there’s a low-key incarnation of fellow-host Johnny Lynch’s day-job, The Pictish Trail. Drunken, loved-up electro-folk ensues: disarming, clever and endearing.

Having finally shaken off the indigenous spiv-youth, elemental rockers British Sea Power stagger into view, heads grazing the canvas ceiling of a small marquee. They’re unruly but tight; raucous yet good-natured as they fire through the garage bombast of Atom, the tidal indie-rock of Carrion and the sing-a-long, thunderstruck pop of No Lucifer.

If the libertarian call-to-arms of Waving Flags heralds a climax, then it’s into near-chaos for Lights Out For Darker Skies (BSP’s bedrock of bucolic imagery is particularly resonant here – Eigg has no streetlights). There are also no police on the island, and it’s to this fact that our attentions creep as Noble and temporary BSP recruit The Pictish Trail (on rave tambourine) scale a precarious-looking wooden construct which acts as the small marquee’s central support beam. They hang there like monkeys. The wood holds strong. The tent is intact. We breathe again.

You wonder about the environmental impact of quadrupling Eigg’s community for the weekend in the name of pop. Will the birds sing louder in our aftermath? Will the streams have a more musical babble? Undoubtedly, the children’s pockets will have a richer jangle. And while our all-night dancing does not sink the island, it certainly rocks.

Nicola Meighan

Photos: Takeshi Suga

ZEUS EP out 4 October

7 September 2010by Noble Comment [195] (195)

The ‘Zeus EP’ will be released on 4/10/10

Zeus EP

Track Listing

1) Zeus
2) Cleaning Out The Rooms
3) Can We Do It?
4) Bear
5) Pardon My Friends
6) Mongk
7) Kw-h
+ unlisted bonus track ‘Retreat’

Technically, you could argue this is a mini album, but we like to think of it as a MAXI EP.
After being away for a while, and with the album release date going back to January, we thought we’d be generous.

London Show September 17th

7 September 2010by Noble Comment [11] (11)


Good Eigg

18 August 2010by Noble Comment [29] (29)

Prior to our month away supporting the Manic street Preachers, we will be playing a few shows in Scotland.

Firstly, at the Fence Records ‘Away Game’ festival on the Isle of Eigg, then on to Inverness and Dundee.

After having been to the Traena Festival in Norway we are relishing the chance to play on another beautiful remote island.
All tickets for the Away Game sold out before we were announced, so we are very sorry about that.

For more info see…..

Our new E.P. is complete and due for release end Sept / start of October.
We decided to put quite a few tracks on it as we haven’t released a thing since Man of Aran. We thought it was time for some payback.
It’s a 40+ minute rag tag collection featuring Bears in Space, Vocoder Glam Rock and Tamazepam fuelled meanderings.

More information on the E.P. to come soon.

BSP Forum Open for Business

28 July 2010by British Sea Power Comment [79] (79)

BSP Forum – Open for Business

The BSP Forum has now been unlocked and is open for business after a long period of Spam related problems.
Lines of communication are open.
Welcome In!

Some forum contributors have been trapped inside the Forum for almost a year now, and it can resemble Lord of the Flies at times, but fear not, we are assured they are a kind bunch.

Træna Music Festival

13 July 2010by Noble Comment [74] (74)

We’ve just got back from the Træna Music festival and have had an amazing time.

After almost 2 days of travel, flying over fjords and snowy peaks, and sailing on a boat for 3 hours, we saw the islands and peaks of Traena rising out of the sea like Norse Gods.


Træna is really close to the Arctic Circle, and it remains light for 24 hours this time of year, though the sun sets for an hour or 2.
Throw an Nordlands beer into the equation and it’s very disorientating.

as dark as it gets

Taxi service to the church was a tiny boat that was essentially a metal tin bath.
The NMEs Luke Turner got us there on time for the show.



We played 2 Man of Aran shows inside the islands small wooden church.
The festival crew were brilliant helping get us round the islands, setting the film screen up, and getting a small PA system on the island and into the tiny Church.

Traena Church

The shows went down really well, some tears, some whoops.
A few islanders spoke to us after the show and were very moved by the film. They talked about all the islanders who were lost at sea and buried in the church grounds.

After the show we took the sea taxi and got stopped by the sea police and Hamilton was breathalysed.


Fortunately he was the soberest man on the boat and we avoided jail.

Alcohol free

Yan was smashed on the whisky we took over with us.

Not alcohol free

Here is some strange brews we found on the island.
I think one was super strength preserving vinegar, but we gave it a go.

Traena Drinks

We had a day and a half to look round the island and watch some music, and saw a Sea Eagle being mobbed, and a pair Bluethroats.

We sailed over to Sanna island to walk the 700m-long “Love Tunnel” which leads to a Nato listening post at the top of the mountain.



From the mountain top, and other peaks, the Svartisen glacier on the Norwegian mainland is visible. It’s huge. Abi said it is Norways second largest glacier.


We got to watch Norwegian multi instrumentalist Moddi and his band, and a local choir in the Kirkehellere (Sannas huge cave).
The drummer was playing with what looked like spaghetti, and tapped some tin foil with his foot.

Cave Concert


It is probably the loveliest festival we’ve ever played.

Thanks to everyone who helped out and to everyone who came to watch us play.


World Cup

17 June 2010by British Sea Power Comment [14] (14)

BSP guitarist Noble is one of the men behind the last-minute 2010 World Cup tune Football (Kick It In The Goal).

Football (Kick It In The Goal) has been inspired by a stirring calypso tribute to an airport. The recording features Noble alongside Marc and Eamon of The Brakes and Darren and Matt from leading UK The Modern Ovens.

It can be downloaded for free from a link in the news section.

Waving Flag(s)

17 June 2010by Noble Comment [30] (30)

K’naan has a World Cup anthem called Waving Flag.
British Sea Power have a song called Waving Flags.

Intimate shows

13 May 2010by Noble Comment [26] (26)

Our next run of intimate shows begins again next Monday.
We will be playing songs from our forthcoming album.

The dates are as follows (ignore the previous mistakes!)

Bath Komedia (17)
Birmingham Glee Club (18)
Liverpool Masque Theatre (19)
Leicester Y Theatre (20)
London Bloomsbury Ballroom (21)

Tan Hill Day Ticket for Sunday

1 May 2010by Noble Comment [32] (32)

There are some day tickets available for Sunday at Tan Hill

Sundays Events and Bands

Marc Riley DJ
Rose Dougal
Erland and the Carnival
I Like Trains
British Sea Power

Campfire, Fireworks, Horses, Films and a Classic Tractor Parade

Cost of a day ticket is £25
Call Tan Hill to book your ticket 01833628246

More Tan Hill Tickets on Sale + Full info

24 April 2010by Noble Comment [42] (42)

Newsboost Ariel Bender
23 March 2010

*More tickets for Tan Hill. *Metronomy, Marc Riley, booze, yurts, huskies. *Institutional information on teapots, travel and milk.

Exciting times! There are some more tickets available for the BSP Sing Ye From The Hillsides! weekender at Tan Hill. Some fool had hid them away in his Massey-Ferguson bum-bag. And we didnae even know til now. A limited number of Tan Hill tickets are on sale as we write:

Sing Ye From The Hillsides!
Friday 30 April to Sunday 2 May 2010
Tan Hill Inn
Reeth, North Yorkshire
Tickets £75, plus a small charitable donation for anyone wishing to camp in the wilds beside the pub. Tickets from:

The following fakirs of fun will all be performing at the highest pub in England, out on the Yorkshire Dales:


Our onsite organiser gives the following low-down: “There will be variety of animals to watch and touch, plus the Tan Hill Olympics, Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling, husky racing, BSP-brand fruit champagne and a big fire and explosions in the night. And a very late bar. The event starts on Friday and we will be up there from lunchtime. Feel free to take Friday to find your way to Tan Hill, get camped, sign in and sign up for some activities across the weekend. Entertainment starts in earnest on Friday evening, in the traditional funk-barn. Saturday will see guided walks in the morning, various shenanigans throughout the afternoons and live music and DJs well into the night. Sunday will see more activities and a full live program into the dark. Monday will involve lots of tea and making ready for heading back to civilisation. If you been before you know how this works, if it’s your first time then trust us you will love it.”

There are, apparently, also a limited number of hotel rooms available near by and yurt going spare on site. Details below.

BSP request that all attendees bring the following: *Compilation CDs and books – for the swap shop. *Teapots and cakes for Monday’s highest tea party in Britain. *Wood – so you can all help keep the Tan Hill bonfire burning.

They would also like to know if anyone is celebrating a birthday on or around the weekend (email if you are a year older shortly).

With thanks,
The Secretary


Tan Hill Inn, Reeth, Richmond, Swaledale, North Yorkshire Dales, DL11 6ED

The nearest train station is Kirkby Stephen.
Local taxis:
BD Taxi – 017683 71682
Steady Eddies Taxi – 017683 72036

Check the Tan Hill website for more info on getting there:

Camping is available for everyone. Please respect the land and don’t leave any litter or have any fires over the weekend.

Yurt and hotel rooms
There is a spare yurt going at BSP Tan Hill 2010. Sleep 5-6 comfortably and is decked out with indian rugs. You will need your own sleeping bags and pillows. If you would like to take it for your group it will cost £360 for the three nights or £120 per night. Please email if interested.

There are rooms at The Castle Hotel, Brough. This is a short drive (eight miles) down to the bottom of the hill. Various rooms at £30 per person, again email

The nearest shop is in Brough eight miles away. Check with reception as we will taking orders for essentials on a daily basis – to be delivered to Tan Hill.

More Tan Hill Tickets for Sale

23 April 2010by Noble Comment [31] (31)

We’ve just been told that someone has been sat on a some Tan Hill tickets.
They have just got up of their arse and found them there. What a wally.

They have just gone up for sale on today.

Capacity of the event is only 250.

The Line up
BRITISH SEA POWER (2 performances)

On top of all that there will be a variety of animals to watch and touch, the Tan Hill Olympics, Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling, Britian’s highest tea Party, husky racing, BSPs own Fruit Champagne, and a big fire and explosions in the night.
And a very late bar.

Busy Bees and Horses

13 April 2010by Noble Comment [21] (21)

We’ve been busy getting the album finished before it goes to print.
Artwork is coming together, and we’ve have almost settled on the album cover now.
We’ve pretty much decided what songs are going on the album, and what goes on EP, B-sides.
It’s a hard, but reassuring, that good songs have to be left off the album.

We have a Race Horse named after us now.

We have Race Horses playing at Tan Hill too.
For more info on Tan Hill

Full bands list and activities at Tan Hill will be announced very soon.
At the moment, it looks like we will play Friday and Sunday night.
Night off on the Saturday! We’re going to the party.



18 March 2010by Noble Comment [18] (18)

Tickets for Tan Hill are due to go on sale at 9am on Friday 19 March at


18 March 2010by Noble Comment [11] (11)

Tickets for Tan Hill are due to go on sale at 9am on Friday 19 March at

Tan Hill vs Everest

18 March 2010by Noble Comment [18] (18)

Album finished! + Tan Hill + Concerts

16 March 2010by Noble Comment [45] (45)

Good news! We have finished mixing the album.

We’re currently mixing some EP/B-side tracks now.
As the call of sleep grows, we are mixing non-album track “Retreat”.
A 9 minute, Isle of Skye, Stargazing sleeping pill.

Tickets for Tan Hill are due to go on sale at 9am on Friday 19 March at
Tickets for the Sing Ye From The Hillsides event will be £75.
There is a small charitable donation for those camping on the moorland beside the pub.
The ticket price for Tan Hill is up from the 2008 event.
We actually lost money putting on the 2008 event, and this time we have booked more bands. But if your not happy with this cowering justification, i’ll buy you a pint and clean your shoes if you think yourself hard done by.

Aside from Tan Hill, we’re playing a few other concerts in April and May.

Sat 3 April – Hinterland Festival, Glasgow Arches
Sun 25 April – Colchester Arts Centre (
Mon 26 April – Manchester Moho
Tue 27 April – St Annes Church, Limehouse, London (Man Of Aran
performance) (
Thurs 29 April – Sheffield Showroom Cinema (Man of Aran performance)
Fri 30 April to Sun 2 May – Sing Ye From The Hillsides Festival, Tan Hill
Inn, Reeth, North Yorkshire
Mon 3 May – Leeds Holy Trinity Church
Mon 17 May – Bath Komedia (
Tue 18 May – Birmingham Glee Club (
Weds 19 May – Liverpool Sound City, Masque Theatre (
Thurs 20 May – Leicester Y Theatre
Fri 21 May – London Bloomsbury Ballroom (

The Man Of Aran show at St Annes Church, Limehouse, London, will be preceded by a mini BSP acoustic set. This event is presented in conjunction with the Branchage Film Festival & The Quietus.


Australia, UK and finishing the new Album

3 March 2010by Noble Comment [82] (82)

We are back in England now, and have finally shaken off the jetlag.
There are still dreams of Kangaroos, Fruit Bats, Cockatoos, Little Creatures beer, Sun, Sea and Wobbegongs.

It was great to get out to Australia and play our first shows out there.
We did 2 club shows, 2 outdoor festivals and a Man of Aran performance at the Perth International Arts Festival, in the lovely Astor Theatre.

The Man of Aran show was notable for the diverse attendees. From young hipsters to the blue rinse brigade (one in a Primal Scream t-shirt).
There were lots of Irish ex-pats coming for some romance of the bygone, but sadly no Pitjantjatjara.
Incredibly, with such a mixed ages crowd, there were only 2 walkouts, and we received a standing ovation.

Woody forgot his boiler suit in Perth, so he tried a childrens sleeping bag on.
Woody kids sleeping bag

BSP were fully prepared for 37C temperatures.

Abi met a Kangeroo with low dangling knackers.
Abi roo

Hamilton met a Dugong/Sea Cow/Manatee in Sydney Aquarium.
Hamilton Dugong

Koala Slumped
Koala Slump

Woody Slumped
Woody Slump

Dressing Room

This is Phils deep vein thrombosis leg after 21 hours on a plane.
Deep vein

Thanks to everyone who helped set up the tour, and to everyone who came along to see us. Hopefully we can come back soon.

Returning home to see David Cameron doing a publicity jog on Brighton seafront, and hearing that BBC 6 Music may be closing down were unwelcome pieces of news.
You can show your support for 6Music by signing the petition.

You can also give your views on the BBC strategy review directly to the BBC here.

On an uplifting note, we go into the studio at the end of the week to mix the new album, which will be all wrapped up in a few weeks. We’re all very positive about it, and will hopefully be able to let you hear a track in a months time.

There will be a few live dates at the end of April / early May too.
Mostly regular shows, and some Man of Aran shows.
The Tan Hill Festival (which is shaping up nicely) will also go ahead this year, on one glorious weekend in early May.



28 February 2010by Noble Comment [29] (29)

Thanks to all who set up the australian tour, and all who came to the shows. You’re a good lot. Hope to come back soon. Yan. x

6 Music to close down?

27 February 2010by Noble Comment [25] (25)

Please read below, complain to the BBC and sign this petition to try and stop 6 Music closing down

Keep Marc Riley playing all those ace songs and sessions.
He’s a better DJ than window cleaner.

Union leaders have warned of industrial action after reports that the BBC is planning to close two national radio stations and scale back its website.
The broadcasting union Bectu and the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) accused the BBC of bowing to pressure from politicians and commercial rivals.
According to the reports, BBC Asian Network and 6 Music will be axed as part of the cost-cutting proposals.
The corporation said details of the strategy review had yet to be agreed.
Leaders of Bectu and the NUJ said they met a BBC director on Friday and were told the reports in the Times newspaper were “largely correct”.
They expect to meet the BBC’s director general Mark Thompson next week.
‘Political climate’
In addition to the reported closure of BBC Asian Network and 6 Music, the BBC is to reduce the number of its web pages by half and cut online staff by a quarter, the reports said.
The moves, according to the Times, are part of a strategic review which places quality ahead of quantity. Imported TV shows and sport are also set to be cut.

These cuts will result not just in the loss of hundreds of jobs, but the loss of valuable, quality output aimed at young people and the Asian communities Jeremy Dear, NUJ

‘Leaked’ review – at a glance
The proposals would reportedly yield savings of £600m, which could be redirected to higher quality programming.
Some commentators have said the BBC’s plans were an appeasement to an anticipated Conservative government that believes the BBC should be cut down to size.
Gerry Morrissey, Bectu’s general secretary, said the union would oppose the closures and claimed the BBC was “being bounced by its competitors and by the political climate ahead of the upcoming general election”.
NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear said the union would “fight the cuts with all its might”.
“If true, these cuts will result not just in the loss of hundreds of jobs, but the loss of valuable, quality output aimed at young people and the Asian communities,” he said.
“We will do everything that’s required, including taking industrial action, if necessary, to defend jobs at the BBC.”
‘Cultural vandalism’
The BBC said speculation was premature and the proposals would be presented to the BBC Trust in the near future. If approved, they are then expected to be put out for public consultation.
Despite the lack of confirmation over the fate of the digital radio stations, their supporters have spoken out against the leaked proposals.
Phill Jupitus, who was the first breakfast show host on the station, writes in Saturday’s Guardian: “Cutting 6 Music is an act of cultural vandalism, and an affront to the memory of John Peel.”
Sunny Hundal, editor of Asians in Media magazine, told BBC 5 live that cutting the Asian Network would deprive listeners of a valuable place where Asian content was integrated with mainstream output.
“There are a lot of people in Britain who produce hybrid British-Asian music and culture and they want to see some of that culture on display,” he said.

BSP Vs The Witch and the Robot

25 February 2010by Noble Comment [23] (23)

I recently remixed a song by The Witch and The Robot called “Hetero”
It is released on Feb 22nd with the Double A-side single ‘Giants’ Graves / Hetero’
For more info visit

Feb shows - Stage times

8 February 2010by Noble Comment [60] (60)

Stage times for upcoming shows are roughly as follows…

8th Monday – Aldershot
21.20 – 10.50

9th Tuesday – London Scala
21.35 – 23.00

10th Wed – Brighton Audio
20.30 – 22.00 – (Early finish as there is a club night after)
Some of us will be DJing at Riki Tiks bar from 11pm

11th Thurs – Kingston
22.30 – 23.15

Newsboost Stercorarius

25 January 2010by Noble Comment [28] (28)

Newsboost Stercorarius – 25 January 2010

*Free bird-themed compilation. *Streaming of exclusive, unique and undivided BSP demo.

Dear all,

BSP guitarist Noble has compiled a bird-themed music compilation
exclusively for the Caught By The River website.
It features selections from Happy Mondays and Nico to Leadbelly and Gilbert &
As a preview, a previously unavailable demo version of the BSP track The Great Skua can be heard today at the Caught By The River site. Please find
the URL below.
The compilation will be disseminated via email on Wednesday 27th January
this week. To have it sent to you, just register your email with the fair
and friendly CBTR mailing-list – again via the CBTR website.

With thanks.

The Secretary


21 January 2010by Noble Comment [75] (75)

We’re heading off to Australia soon for the first time, leaving ‘Frozen Britain’ behind for a week.

We’ll be playing a few standard issue rock sets and a couple of Man of Aran shows too, that is if Yans 3/4 size Cello doesn’t get smashed up by the airlines game-for-a-laugh baggage handlers.

The first few things that sprang to my mind when i found out we were going to Australasia were firstly, sunshine, and the chance to have group break before we mix our new album in March.

Secondly, was the fantastic Flying Nun Record label, especially the recent-ish Stephen Malkmus cover of the Verlaines song “Death and the Maiden”

Thirdly, was the time jovial aussie Barry Humphries stole our rider.
It was at Sir John Betjemans (the late Poet Laureate) centenary celebrations.
The event was at the hoity toity ‘Prince of Wales Theatre’, and we performed a cover of Jim Parker and John Betjemans song ‘The Licorice Fields in Pontefract’.

Backstage, sat amidst Richard E Grant, Ronnie Corbet, Nick Cave and Joanna Lumley, we were asked to hide the bands drinks rider from Barry Humphries.
While our backs were turned, a litre bottle of vodka went missing.
30 minutes later Barry Humphries alter ego ‘Sir Les Patterson’ was fervently spraying saliva over the front 3 rows of upper crusters. Good Lad.

Later that evening our shopkeeper, wearing nothing but a victorian bathing suit, shook the hand of Prince Charles and caused a full security alert whilst the newspapers snapped away. Sir John Betjeman would have laughed.

Australia here we come.


(We aren’t able to make it to NZ this time, but we live in hope)

New Album - Finishing Line.

6 January 2010by Noble Comment [78] (78)

Over the last year we’ve been writing and recording in 2 BSP retreats.

In a farmhouse by the curvy East Sussex Downs, and in a crofters cottage on the Isle of Skye, where the Minke Whales pass by and the Fulmars spit at you.

We’re in the final stages now.

Recording is about 95% finished, and mixing will be finished shortly after we get back from touring in Australia.

The album is like our lovely new bride.
Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

New Years Eve

8 December 2009by Noble Comment [28] (28)

For the last 2 years we’ve had private parties upstairs at the Hope in Brighton, but this year we’ve moved on to pastures new, to The Grand Central, opposite Brighton train station, and are opening the door to a 100 strangers.

Entertainment will come in the form of live music plus Brighton based DJ’s including members of British Sea Power (YANScott, Noble), Brakes (Marc Beatty), Electric Soft Parade (Alex White), David Gedge (Wedding Present) and Graham Sutton (BSP & Brakes producer) etc… and live music from Wife Sounds! (playing covers and original soca songs). Plus a pub quiz from Susie Q, and amateur limbo dancing.

This event is for ticket holders only. Tickets are £8 from Wegottickets, Rounder Records and Resident.

Wegottickets link

The evening is called ‘CALYPSO AT MIDNIGHT’, featuring sunny songs from the 40s, 50s and 60s such as ‘Rum and Coca Cola’, ‘The Dumb Boy and the Parrot’, ‘The Sausage’, ‘Mamma Looka Boo Boo’ and ‘Bulldog Don’t Bite Me’.

The evening won’t be strictly Calypso for those who can’t handle too much fun.
DJs will bring you Krautrock-Pop-Soca-Post Punk-Americana-Calypso-Indie-Rock&Roll-Blues-Shoegaze & Surf etc.

Bring some music with you too, because at some point the DJ spot will be open to the floor for you to play a few songs.

Please note, neither British Sea Power nor Brakes will be playing live.


Work in Progress

14 November 2009by Noble Comment [549] (549)

We are well into recording and writing our 5th album, and have over 15 songs on the go. Graham Sutton (who mixed DYLRM?) has moved into the rented Farmhouse where Yan has been living the last year and it’s all coming together piece by piece.
We hand over bits of the jigsaw and Graham puts it together.
The overall picture is slowly emerging.

Some light relief during the short days…

China & Jersey

21 October 2009by Noble Comment [129] (129)

We’ve just returned from the Far East and are now back in the thick of recording our new album.

Over in China, we didn’t play the Modern Skies festival in the end, but ended up busking on the Great Wall of China.


With no real venue or audience to play to in Beijing we played and acoustic show to a field of hundreds of goats and sheep.

goats and sheep

We played an acoustic show on a lake, where a man stood on a pillar in his swimming trunks and sang opera.


After Beijing, we played two riotous shows in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Everywhere the food was incredible (we saw no dog on any menu), nothing like Chinese Food over here. Spicy. Mint with chillies. Dim Sum and Hot Pots. Kidley beans. Many mushrooms.
We drank lots of the rice spirit Baijiu (pronounced “By Jove” i think) and went beserk.


Our manager got a black eye.

We walked round the forbidden city in Beijing when totally jetlagged which was surreal.

I saw a Panda Bear (at Ocean Park, Hong Kong).

Saw thousands of bicycles in Beijing, and thousands of Mopeds in Taiwan.

We got to play the Chinese version of hacky-sack called Jianzi, which is a load of feathers and some rubber discs stuck together like a giant ramshackle shuttlecock. We joined in with some old chinese ladies who were far superior players.
With the help of local Hong Kong birders Paul and David, i got to see a Black Faced Spoonbill, Pied Marsh Harrier, Osprey, Purple Heron, Goshawk, Pied Kingfisher, and lots more at Mai Po wetlands reserve… so thanks to them.
black faced spoonbill
We had a great time and hope to be back soon.
Thanks to everyone who came to the shows.
I think we all had a good time…

Prior to China we performed “Man of Aran” at the Branchage Film Festival in the wonderful Jersey Opera House, Jersey.
Also on the same day at the Opera House was a screening of the brilliant Sci-Fi film Moon, directed by Duncan Jones (a.k.a Zowie Bowie, David Bowies son)
The film festival put us up in a zero-facilities Martello Tower. The wind whipped up at night and the wooden window shutters clattered all night, like 20 ghost children banging on the windows. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Now, on with recording….


Regents Park view

4 September 2009by Noble Comment [30] (30) came along to Regents Park show.
Sound Proofs Gareth Meade had never seen us play before, and chose a lovely venue for his first outing….

Walking out of Big Wheel Sunday at the Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park, I can hardly believe what I’ve just witnessed. Once again, it seems that the best way to approach something is with no expectations at all. I hadn’t seen British Sea Power live before and their recorded material had always interested me, if not blown me away. But on an ornate stage, several metres from where I was seated, the cool night air providing welcome relief from the unexpectedly hot London day, blown away is exactly what I was.

Several people, a forest’s worth of branches and someone dressed in a bear costume invade the stage during BSP’s encore, which sees them tearing apart “Carrion” from debut The Decline of British Sea Power. Security guards have to be on full alert as extremely overzealous fans try to climb the central plinth that is precariously keeping the canopy of the stage erect. Lead Guitarist Noble beckons at his amplifier helplessly; fearing further onslaught from the crowd. All the while the costumed caniform stalks the stage with arms raised and jaw open. It’s a far cry from the perennially serious affair that this gig started off as.

That’s not to say that there was ever an expectation of tedium. In fact, it was awe inspiring to enter the small amphitheatre and see the stage being laden with foliage, a lovingly crafted wooden structure adorned with symmetrical staircases and the fading blueness of the sky watching over it all. I did think that this setting, more typically housing stage productions of Shakespeare or (ahem) Hello, Dolly!, was unusual for the abrasive nature of BSP’s material, but the civility of it all provided reassurance of witnessing something unique.

The opening songs bore fruit for this hypothesis; “The Land Beyond”‘s emphatically understated swoon especially mimicked the grandeur of the setting. But with each song, the music got a little louder, as did the crowd. By the time they played “Remember Me”, six songs into their set, people began abandoning their seats to stand along the narrow passage between the stage and the first row. From there on in, this scene was a mainstay; if you weren’t pogoing at the front, you were standing and pumping your fist as if at a Springsteen concert.

In between songs, lead singer Yan provided some interesting and endearing anecdotes, including his “Justin Hawkins breaking out of Colditz” style plan to entertain the crowd that saw him ascending the stairs of the amphitheatre during soundcheck. Unfortunately this resulted in a twisted ankle and a cold compress being sported by the singer all night. The moral? “Safety is important”; a warning directed at the slow mania building in the audience.

Inevitably the floodgates burst. During a cacophony of feedback and foliage, the band took all of the energy that had been building up and solidified their reputation as an electrifying live band. Do You Like Rock Music’s “Waving Flags” rounded out the pre-encore set with the crowd enthusiastically singing along. Even if BSP had not come back on I think that they would have felt they received their money’s worth. But of course, the band did come back on. And got more than they, the organisers, or I bargained for. Brilliant.

Gareth Meade

Saturday 5th September - In Search of the Holy Quail

1 September 2009by Noble Comment [43] (43)

On BBC Radio 4, 10.30am, Saturday 5th September, sandwiched between “Excess Baggage” and “Beyond Westminster” is “In Search of the Holy Quail”.

It’s a radio show about 3 musicians who explore the rugged terrain of the Shetland Islands in search of a Quail, presented by Marc Riley (BBC6, The Fall), Martin Noble (myself/British Sea Power) and Guy Gurvey (BBC6, Elbow).

We travel to to Sumburgh Head on the southern tip of Shetland Mainland, to a traditional Shetland music session in a Lerwick pub and to Mousa Broch, one of the world’s largest Storm Petrel breeding colonies, on their search for the elusive bird. As there are no more than four quail seen in the Shetlands during a typical season, the chances of seeing one are slim.

One mature lady birdwatcher asked what we were doing on the small island of Mousa at midnight (We were drinking Whisky, watching Storm Petrels and talking rubbish).
Once she was informed what we were doing she replied “Oh! Radio 4 has really gone downhill”


Green Man & V stage times

19 August 2009by Noble Comment [41] (41)

Green Man
Friday (2 shows)
8.15pm – 9.00pm (Main Stage)
00.00 – 01.15 (Cinema tent for “Man of Aran” performance)

V Festival
Saturday and Sunday
10.00pm – 10.50pm (Virgin Media Union tent)

An interesting piece of “Man of Aran” history.
One of the “Man of Aran” Basking Shark hunters, Tommy O’Rourke, is the father of Steve O’Rourke, the late manager of Pink Floyd.
Tommys payment for appearing in the film was a family trip to London to watch the premiere screening of Man of Aran in 1934.
They never went home.

Aran Fact No.17

18 August 2009by Noble Comment [49] (49)

I just heard this interesting piece of “Man of Aran” history.

One of the “Man of Aran” Basking Shark hunters, Tommy O’Rourke, is the father of Steve O’Rourke, the late manager of Pink Floyd.

Tommys payment for appearing in the film was a family trip to London to watch the premiere screening of Man of Aran in 1934.

They never went home.

Zombies? Man of Aran? Big Chill?

3 August 2009by Noble Comment [50] (50)

For those going to the Big Chill Festival, you may wonder why we are playing Man of Aran to a field full of Zombies.

It’s not because you’ve been on the jungle juice, it’s because Film4 and Warp films will be filming a Zombie flick on the Thursday, and you can be in the film dressed as a zombie too.

Here is some information from their website….
The Story goes…….It’s 2018 - six years after a virus was released at the 2012 Olympics. Zombies dominate the earth and humankind has been mauled, torn and eaten to extinction.

The problem is there’s not a lot to do now that there are no humans left to rip apart… cue the first post-apocalyptic music festival curated by the undead.

Film4 and Warp Films bring you I Spit On Your Rave, a mockumentary by director Chris Boyle about the first post-apocalypse zombie music festival, and we want YOUR living corpse to take part.

All the filming will take place at the Big Chill festival, and shooting starts on Thursday 6th of August. We want thousands of zombie-costumed ticket holders to join the cast numbers, and enter the Guinness Book of World Records for the “Most Amount of Zombies Captured on Camera”.

Visit the Big Chill website, Warp Films “I spit on your rave” website.

Sussex and Beijing

2 August 2009by Noble Comment [56] (56)

We’ve just been invited to play in China in October which is exciting news.
Possibly Beijing, Taiwan and then Hong Kong. While it’s not 100% confirmed yet, it looks fairly likely.
I’m already planning a trip to the Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve.

We hope to have a handful of new songs finished before we go, with a single released before 2009 comes to a close.

Writing/recording for the new album has been progressing well at our Pheasant Studios Farmhouse in the Sussex South Downs. I think your going to like it.

BirdLife & The Great Skua

16 July 2009by Noble Comment [62] (62)

Notes to aid a failing memory

2 July 2009by Noble Comment [47] (47)

Shetland to Glastonbury

17 June 2009by Noble Comment [74] (74)

I’ve just spent a lovely weekend in the Shetland Isles doing a Radio 4 programme with Marc Riley and Guy Garvey. It’s entitled In Search of the Holy Quail, based around 3 music types going bird watching. I don’t want to spoil the story, but it should have been called Last of the Summer Winos. The show will be aired around November time.
We’ve got another week recording demos now before we travel to Glastonbury.
I’m not sure we’ll play any new songs at Glastonbury, but it will be a full Rock performance, rather than Man of Aran.
It’s quite likely there will be new songs aired at the Colchester, Morcambe, and High Rocks shows.
I went to see Jarvis Cocker last night too, and he was on fire.
He came on with a walking stick, only to dance like a cross between Beyoncé and Bill & Ben the Flower Pot Men, all night long. Rock on Jarvis!

MAN of ARAN - out today

18 May 2009by Noble Comment [89] (89)

“Man of Aran” is released today.
It comes with a DVD & CD.

Put the telly on, turn the lights off, crack open the Poteen and enjoy the waking dream.

On a related note, i’ve just started reading the first part of The Aran Islands Triolgy by Martin Mcdonagh. It’s a very funny, dark comedy, with the filming of “Man of Aran” as it’s backdrop.
One of the characters in the play calls the film “a pile of fecking shite”.
But, that was then, and this is now.
Some 21st century reviews just in…..

“Brooding, haunting, often ravishingly beautiful” – The Scotsman

“Image and sound spiral and intertwine majestically, merging like mating seahorses” – Word Magazine

“Beautiful” – Independent

“This isn’t an album you can dip into; instead dive in and sink to the bottom and let it gloriously wash all over you” – NME

DJ Set - Thur 14th - Brighton

9 May 2009by Noble Comment [126] (126)

On the opening night of the Great Escape we will be DJing at the hotel Pelirocco for 4 hours from 8pm. The bar stays open late.

Thursday 14th May


27 April 2009by Noble Comment [97] (97)

Finally the website is up and running again.
What have I missed?

Well, we’ve just performed 2 “MAN of ARAN” shows.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Duke of Yorks in Brighton, and the BFI in London. It was a lovely time, and the standing ovations were warmly received. Thankyou.

We were excited to learn that Jim Parker, who wrote all the music for the late Poet Laureate, John Betjeman LPs came along to the BFI and was very impressed. High praise indeed.

Congratulations to anyone who fell asleep too. Sleep always overcomes me during “It Comes Back Again”, about the same time the films “Son of Aran” nods off. It is hypnotic and dream like.

The CD/DVD of MAN of ARAN is due out in a few weeks.
The album is mostly instrumental, and features many new songs, plus re-recorded / re-worked versions of True Adventures, The Great Skua, North Hanging Rock, and a cover of Jeff Alexanders “Come Wander With Me”.

What else is new?
Work on our 5th Album is well underway.
Hamilton has hot running water in his Bothie on the Isle of Skye.
Yan made a cosmic alternative soundtrack to Man of Aran.
I walked 100 miles across the 2 Moors Way (Dartmoor to Exmoor)
I’ve just finished remixing a new Manic Street Preachers song called “Me and Stephen Hawking” (which ended up sounding Joe Meek-esque, with an underlying calypso feel).
Stephen Hawking is quite ill at the moment and sadly couldn’t rap on the remix. We wish him well.
Woody became a proud father.
Someone called Pressbutton has done a BSP remix featuring both “All in it” and “Carrion” which will give away free to everyone in the near future.
The London Bulgarian Choir are confirmed as main support for our London Regents Park show.
More later,

Behold! The Man of Aran Trailer

29 January 2008by British Sea Power Comment [115] (115)


  • 1. Georgie Ray
  • 2. Who's In Control?
  • 3. Living Is So Easy
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