Australia, UK and finishing the new Album

3 March 2010by Noble (82)

We are back in England now, and have finally shaken off the jetlag.
There are still dreams of Kangaroos, Fruit Bats, Cockatoos, Little Creatures beer, Sun, Sea and Wobbegongs.

It was great to get out to Australia and play our first shows out there.
We did 2 club shows, 2 outdoor festivals and a Man of Aran performance at the Perth International Arts Festival, in the lovely Astor Theatre.

The Man of Aran show was notable for the diverse attendees. From young hipsters to the blue rinse brigade (one in a Primal Scream t-shirt).
There were lots of Irish ex-pats coming for some romance of the bygone, but sadly no Pitjantjatjara.
Incredibly, with such a mixed ages crowd, there were only 2 walkouts, and we received a standing ovation.

Woody forgot his boiler suit in Perth, so he tried a childrens sleeping bag on.
Woody kids sleeping bag

BSP were fully prepared for 37C temperatures.

Abi met a Kangeroo with low dangling knackers.
Abi roo

Hamilton met a Dugong/Sea Cow/Manatee in Sydney Aquarium.
Hamilton Dugong

Koala Slumped
Koala Slump

Woody Slumped
Woody Slump

Dressing Room

This is Phils deep vein thrombosis leg after 21 hours on a plane.
Deep vein

Thanks to everyone who helped set up the tour, and to everyone who came along to see us. Hopefully we can come back soon.

Returning home to see David Cameron doing a publicity jog on Brighton seafront, and hearing that BBC 6 Music may be closing down were unwelcome pieces of news.
You can show your support for 6Music by signing the petition.

You can also give your views on the BBC strategy review directly to the BBC here.

On an uplifting note, we go into the studio at the end of the week to mix the new album, which will be all wrapped up in a few weeks. We’re all very positive about it, and will hopefully be able to let you hear a track in a months time.

There will be a few live dates at the end of April / early May too.
Mostly regular shows, and some Man of Aran shows.
The Tan Hill Festival (which is shaping up nicely) will also go ahead this year, on one glorious weekend in early May.



  • 1. Georgie Ray
  • 2. Who's In Control?
  • 3. Living Is So Easy
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