British Sea Power

20 August 2015

20 August 2015

Newsboost Compleat Beauty

*Decline reissues now ready for direct dispatch.

*A few additional tickets for BSP Stourbridge show.

*BSP-soundtracked Captain Webb film now at cinema and as download.

The various lovingly-rendered formats for the reissued The Decline Of British Sea Power album are now in stock – ready for direct dispatch on all new orders.

“Religions have been founded on less” – Record Collector magazine.

The full extent of the Compleat Illustrated BSP box-set can now be viewed in a short film made by BSP’s Yan:

NB. Previously, the manufacturing process meant there were substantial delays between order and dispatch on...

'Sea Of Brass' & 'The Decline Of' release updates

22 July 2015

We are pleased to say that, as of today, we are finally able to commence shipping of the Sea Of Brass 12” vinyl.
(All other SOB Box formats should have already been sent, so if you have not received yours yet then we are very sorry, and you should contact either Ash Holden or our management

We are also very pleased to say that, as of today, we are finally able to commence shipping the Compleat Illustrated BSP boxsets.

The BSP Handbooks will be with...

3 July 2015

3 July 2015

Newsboost Brandy Panther

*BSP soundtrack film on grog-glugging Channel pioneer.

*MOJO on Decline reissues: “Stirring… contemporary classics.”

*BSP poet-in-residence Jock Scot live at gorgeous London venue.

A film with a new BSP soundtrack is scheduled to start showing in cinemas on 14 August. The Greatest Englishman tells the story of Captain Matthew Webb, the first person to successfully swim the English Channel. Webb swam from Dover to Calais in 1875, fired on by brandy and a wire-wool swimsuit. The film has been directed by Justin Hardy, with the cast including Hannah Tointon and Warren Brown. In connecting with Webb BSP become...


23 June 2015

Our The Decline Of British Sea Power reissues are now available for purchase and order in a range of formats.

Record Collector: “This exhaustive reissue is typical of a band so dedicated… At once rock solid and dancing elusively beyond reach. Religions have been founded on less.” 5/5

Q magazine: “A work of uncommon range and depth. Reissued in multiple formats, the biggest is a vinyl/ four-CD/ DVD/ book package which boasts demos, live tracks and rarities including a beauteous cover of Galaxie 500’s Tugboat. When superfan Peter ‘Dr Who’ Capaldi calls this still-resonating LP ‘Simply exhilarating’ it’s hard to...

The Decline of British Sea Power & Sea Of Brass UPDATES

23 June 2015

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered The Decline of British Sea Power & Sea Of Brass, and we hope you have been looking forward to these releases.
We’re sorry about the delay on some items, so here is an update to let you know where we are at with all formats.


We are pleased to announce that the vinyl version and the double CD inc. B-Sides are ready and have been sent out. If your order included a digital copy of the album, then you can download this right away from the...