British Sea Power

21 February 2017

21 February 2017

Newsboost Freund Ronald

*Hey! New BSP single.

*RIP Mr Ronald Wilkinson.

British Sea Power are delighted to announce transmission time for the second single track from forthcoming album Let The Dancers Inherit The Party.

Keep On Trying (Sechs Freunde) is an up-for-the-cup surge of alt-funk that dips into Deutsch for a galvanising chant of “Sechs Freunde” – alluding to both the six friends in BSP and Germany’s take on the six-degrees-of-separation idea.

The track can be heard

Keep On Trying (Sechs Freunde) heralds the 31 March 2017 arrival of Let The Dancers Inherit The Party, BSP’s sixth full studio album –...

14 February 2017

17 February 2017

*BSP festival slots confirmed.

*New Recently Extinct T-shirt – PLUS web-shop SALE

*Second single track imminent from Let The Dancers Inherit The Party.

With the song thrush singing nutzo in the bushes and this year’s daffodils available in must-have yellow, British Sea Power would like both give notice of impending NEW MUSIC and confirm some festival appearances.

Any day now BSP are set to release the second track from forthcoming album Let The Dancers Inherit The Party. In the meantime the band would like to vouchsafe that they will play the following rock goosefairs:

Truck Festival
21-23 July 2017

Newsboost Messi Paradiso

25 January 2017

*Bad Bohemian video.
*European tour: Antwerp to Zurich.
*Focus Wales festival in Welsh Wrexham.
*Last orders for Dancers box-set – and goal action with Lionel M.

BSP are delighted to unveil the video for current single track Bad Bohemian, made by their own propulsive operative Yan.

Yan has offered explanation for these bold visuals:

“It started with Phil [BSP keyboards / cornet] doing impressions of the 0898 chatline dance all through last year. It’s a contagious move. But, unfortunately, he wasn’t available for the video and Ed Balls wouldn’t answer the phone, so I did it. I wanted to capture...

Newsboost Sparkling Caroline

4 January 2017

*New BSP album released 31 March 2017.

*Winter mornings, Tonka Toys – all this and more.

Avast! Welcome one and all to 2017, a year which is set to feature not only the 50th anniversary of Sweden introducing right-hand driving, but also a new album from British Sea Power.

On 31 March 2017 British Sea Power are set to release Let The Dancers Inherit The Party – the band’s sixth full studio album and their first since 2013. Melodic, direct and brimming with emotional urgency, it’s an album where rock muscularity joins inseparably with pop immediacy, where a crate of the finest...

Newsboost Liquid Driftwood

19 December 2016

*BSP UK tour in 2017.

*Bust a move for stocking fillaz!

*Now is the winter of our disco tents…

Christmas is coming and the BSP great bustard is getting fat – a vegan treat made by Abi and Neil in true Hebridean style, using just tofu, driftwood and 4×4 sump oil. But none of this stops the BSP group looking to the future – for it has only just begun.

The band are pleased to announce a UK tour for April 2017.

See you down the front at the following confirmed alternative-rock engagements:

Thurs 6 April 2017 – Bristol Trinity

Fri 7 April...