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4 January 2017

*New BSP album released 31 March 2017.

*Winter mornings, Tonka Toys – all this and more.

Avast! Welcome one and all to 2017, a year which is set to feature not only the 50th anniversary of Sweden introducing right-hand driving, but also a new album from British Sea Power.

On 31 March 2017 British Sea Power are set to release Let The Dancers Inherit The Party – the band’s sixth full studio album and their first since 2013. Melodic, direct and brimming with emotional urgency, it’s an album where rock muscularity joins inseparably with pop immediacy, where a crate of the finest sparkling wine explodes inside a Marshall stack.

“You know the feeling you get after jumping in the sea on a winter morning?” says British Sea Power guitarist Martin Noble. “We hope the new album is invigorating like that. We hope it acts as a reset – clearing the head and letting you face whatever’s ahead.”

The first track released from the album is Bad Bohemian, an invigorating pulse of modernist rock music. This track is due to be given its debut radio play just after 5pm today – by Fightin’ Steve Lamacq on the invincible BBC 6Music.

The new BSP album is available as a digital pre-order on iTunes, with a download of Bad Bohemian supplied immediately as part of this deal.

You can also listen to Bad Bohemian on Apple Music and Deezer. The song is additionally available on Spotify, where you can also follow the Compleat Discography.

The album was recorded in Sussex, in London and on the Isle Of Skye and follows the band’s five studio albums for the great Rough Trade Records – a catalogue of releases that saw BSP become the longest continually-signed band in the label’s history. Rough Trade remain a vital part of the BSP story and will continue to do so, but the new album is being licensed from the band’s own Golden Chariot label to Caroline International. The recording of the album was funded by the band’s remarkably dedicated audience – ie YOU! Many, Many thanks once more on this front… AND PLEASE NOTE, there are a few remaining copies of the limited-edition box-set. The band stress that they need the HARD FUND$ from these to complete the artwork and videos – as well as securing nicotine patches, slimming assistance and other aids to new year resolution.

Limited-edition box-sets available here

Subject matter on Let The Dancers Inherit The Party ranges from the stars in the night sky to the methodology of media manipulation. The abum emerges alongside a world full of chaos and disorder, but seeks to answer this world with optimism and hope.

“The album,” says Martin, “was made to a background of politicians perfecting the art of unabashed lying – of social-media echo chambers, of click-bait and electronic Tonka Toys to keep us entertained and befuddled. All this can easily make the individual feel futile. But I think we’ve ended up addressing this confusion in an invigorating way, rather than imprisoning the listener in melancholy. Musically, it’s our most direct album and maybe the first one where we maintain a coherent mood from start to finish. Perhaps a little clarity isn’t a bad thing at this point. There wasn’t a plan to create an album with any particular subject matter but we’ve kind of ended up with a case of ’think global, act local’ – an album where individuals are dealing with their domestic and personal lives against a background of uncontrollable international lunacy.”

The album’s sleeve features typography influenced by the German Dadaist artist Kurt Schwitters, whose work BSP’s Yan and Hamilton discovered while growing up on the edge of the English Lake District. Schwitters fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s and ended up living in the Lakes, where examples of his work now reside, including at Abbot Hall Gallery in Kendal. BSP have long used Schwitters’ sound-poetry recordings in their live shows and, in 2013, Yan created a Schwitters soundscape for Tate Britain. The Schwitters link hints at BSP’s ongoing fondness for continental Europe. The new album includes occasional German vocabulary, while, later in 2017, BSP will be providing musical scores for a series of Polish animation.

The album track titles in full are:

Intro / Bad Bohemian / International Space Station / What You’re Doing / The Voice Of Ivy Lee / Keep On Trying (Sechs Freunde) / Electrical Kittens / Saint Jerome / Praise For Whatever / Want To Be Free / Don’t Let The Sun Get In The Way / Alone Piano

British Sea Power have previously announced a UK tour for April 2017. The dates are as follows:

Thurs 6 April 2017 – Bristol Trinity

Fri 7 April 2017 – Leeds Church

Sat 8 April 2017 – Newcastle Riverside

Sun 9 April 2017 – Edinburgh Liquid Rooms

Tues 11 April 2017 – Manchester Ritz

Weds 12 April 2017 – London Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Thurs 13 April 2017 – Birmingham 02 Academy2

Tickets on sale now.

With thanks.

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