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25 January 2017

*Bad Bohemian video.
*European tour: Antwerp to Zurich.
*Focus Wales festival in Welsh Wrexham.
*Last orders for Dancers box-set – and goal action with Lionel M.

BSP are delighted to unveil the video for current single track Bad Bohemian, made by their own propulsive operative Yan.

Yan has offered explanation for these bold visuals:

“It started with Phil [BSP keyboards / cornet] doing impressions of the 0898 chatline dance all through last year. It’s a contagious move. But, unfortunately, he wasn’t available for the video and Ed Balls wouldn’t answer the phone, so I did it. I wanted to capture a feeling between the real world and the virtual world – fun and genuine but also capturing how it can be exhausting trying to keep up with the speed of everything. The way you can find yourself clicking from an entertaining Korean performer with imaginary pens and apples to war-torn countries, then on to cute animals… The video’s not meant to be at all cynical or ironic. I like cats a lot. I also really enjoy the 0898 dance and find politics and history fascinating. I was aiming for a microcosm of this confusing contemporary world. I’ve been thinking about how Kurt Schwitters used everyday things like bus tickets in his collage. To me, in 2017, a video of a kitten is comparable to that. Maybe an everyday thing is capable of expressing something deeper while still being an everyday thing.”

BSP are also pleased to announce the following European dates:

17 May 2017 – Antwerp Trix Club, Belgium

18 May 2017 – Hamburg Molotow, Germany

19 May 2017 – Berlin Privatclub, Germany

20 May 2017 – Prague Lucerna Music Bar, Czech Republic

21 May 2017 – Vienna Szene Wien, Austria

23 May 2017 – Zurich Dynamo Werk21, Switzerland

24 May 2017 – Munich Strom, Germany

25 May 2017 – Cologne Gebäude 9, Germany

26 May 2017 – Amsterdam Paradiso (London Calling), Netherlands

27 May 2017 – Paris Nouveau Casino, France

Also, in May, BSP will be playing a full rock set at Focus Wales festival, which will feature music, film, comedy and music-industry panel talks across venues in wild-and-willling Wrexham. Indeed, the panel talks will include Peter Hook in conversation with John Robb and Viv Albertine in conversation with Young People’s Laureate Wakes Sophie McKeand.

British Sea Power
Saturday 13 May 2017
Focus Wales festival,
Wrexham, Wales, UK

Early-bird tickets on sale now

We know we’ve mentioned this a couple times previously, but it seems there really are just a few copies left of the limited-edition box-set version of forthcoming BSP album Let The Dancers Inherit The Party.

The box-sets are available to pre-order here

Returning to Bad Bohemian, the track has been making in-roads amid the well-toned world of association football. The track featured in Manchester United’s pre-match stadium selection, rubbing up alongside The Smiths’ There Is A Light That Never Goes Out – before the Premier League match against Liverpool. Bad Bohemian also recently featured on the goals round-up on TV football special Soccer AM. Imagine the joy as BSP sounded out over spectacular super scores from Messi of Barcelona, El Haddadi of Valencia, Clerc of Club Atlético Osasuna and Molyneux of Morecambe

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