British Sea Power

21 February 2017

21 February 2017

Newsboost Freund Ronald

*Hey! New BSP single.

*RIP Mr Ronald Wilkinson.

British Sea Power are delighted to announce transmission time for the second single track from forthcoming album Let The Dancers Inherit The Party.

Keep On Trying (Sechs Freunde) is an up-for-the-cup surge of alt-funk that dips into Deutsch for a galvanising chant of “Sechs Freunde” – alluding to both the six friends in BSP and Germany’s take on the six-degrees-of-separation idea.

The track can be heard

Keep On Trying (Sechs Freunde) heralds the 31 March 2017 arrival of Let The Dancers Inherit The Party, BSP’s sixth full studio album – a tune-packed activity box full of enthusiasm and vigour, a sky-full of both fireworks and meditation, perhaps even an antidote to these bewildering days of aggressive introspection and the Wotsits Führer. People, get ready!

On a more sombre note, British Sea Power wish the fondest farewell to Ronald Wilkinson, beloved father of the band’s Yan and Hamilton and the all-action inspiration in Roy Wilkinson’s BSP-themed memoir Do It For Your Mum.

Ronald died on 31 January 2017, aged 92. We all recall Ronno’s maniacal exuberance at BSP shows and we hope and assume that, even now, he is shouting loudly for the band in The Land Beyond.

Ronald’s funeral takes place in his native Sunderland today.

With thanks.

The Secretary