British Sea Power

Newsboost Liquid Driftwood

19 December 2016

*BSP UK tour in 2017.

*Bust a move for stocking fillaz!

*Now is the winter of our disco tents…

Christmas is coming and the BSP great bustard is getting fat – a vegan treat made by Abi and Neil in true Hebridean style, using just tofu, driftwood and 4×4 sump oil. But none of this stops the BSP group looking to the future – for it has only just begun.

The band are pleased to announce a UK tour for April 2017.

See you down the front at the following confirmed alternative-rock engagements:

Thurs 6 April 2017 – Bristol Trinity

Fri 7 April...

5th December

5 December 2016

*New BSP mug at on-line shop.

*Some Derby concerts tickets available.

*Last orders for limited-edition box-sets – and BSP concert season tickets.

BSP would like to give seasonal shoppers all the latest on perfect present possibilities – in this case, an all-new band mug. Suitable for sipping both braw Darjeeling and zesty mulled wine, the new mug comes in bewitching blue and salutes the star-lit heavens.

The new mug can be viewed here, with other BSP goods also available:


Further within the gifting galaxy, what could be a more pin-sharp offering than a...

3 November 2016

3 November 2016

Newsboost Howlin’ Pre-orders!

*Fan-funder thanks!

*Concerts in Derby and Wimbledon.

*Beer, Bo Ningen and bivvy bags in BSP best of 2016.

BSP would like to extend immense thanks to all the kind souls who have pumped raw cash into the band’s fan-funding album campaign – and also announce low-key pre-Yule shows in Derby and Wimbledon.

Well over half of the limited edition of 1,000 fan-funding box-sets have now been snapped up. These box-sets are available as pre-orders and the proceeds are, even now, funding the new BSP album. There has also been a full house of takers for the life-long and three-year...

18 October 2016

18 October 2016

Newsboost Fan-funded Futurity

*BSP confirm fan-funding album plan.

*Please grease this rock juggernaut – duty now for the future!

*Immortal ink – a delightful BSP tattoo could signal a lifetime of free gig entry.

As trailed in a recent BSP newsletter, BSP now beseech you to secure the future of their rock music.

The band ask all kind-hearted rock emissaries to please step up – and pre-order a special limited-edition box-set version of the band’s next studio album.

The central element in this funding campaign is a box-set available in a limited edition of 1,000 copies. Sales of the box-set will let...

5 October 2016

5 October 2016

Newsboost Especial: Extraordinary Group Communication

*Your BSP needs you!

*Funding idea for next album.

Attention all! Please consider this heartfelt plea from the BSP reverb bunker…

We are now under way with the next British Sea Power album – which will feature several of the songs we road-tested in June, alongside other new material. We’ve yet to decide exactly how we will release this new album, but, ideally, we’d like to be able to complete the LP and then decide on the best way of releasing the finished item. We wanted to ask you all about an idea on this front.

Last year...